How to Select the Right Coffee Table for Your Living Room

How to Select the Right Coffee Table for Your Living Room

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Living rooms are the heart of your home, and their decor impacts the general appearance of your entire house. The right decor items in a living room are essential. Even a cozy living room should have some essentials, including the sofas, table, lighting, TV unit, rugs, throw pillows, and wall decor items here and there.

Coffee tables are vital to adorning your living room but are often disregarded by many. A suitable coffee table in front of your sofa can change the game. You can choose from various styles based on your preferences and the vibes you want to go for. 

When you enlist home decor ideas and vendors, you can’t miss out on the finest brand Alchemy Fine Home’, as they have one of the most appealing collections of living room furniture and other decor items to glorify your home. You can check out the modern, elegant, or antique coffee tables in their outlets to choose the best fit for your living room.

If you are still trying to decide on the best coffee tables, this blog will help you make the right choice. 

Measure the Available Area

The first thing you must confirm before selecting a coffee table is the available area in the middle of your living room. Quite often, people order a coffee table before measuring the space it will cover. If you buy a coffee table with so much excitement and it doesn’t fit or it crowds your living room space, it will most definitely not be worth it. 

You should either arrange the rest of the furniture the way you want them to be and then order the table or plan how much space everything will cover beforehand. Once you are done, visit your favorite fine home furnishings outlets or online stores to select the style that most appeals to you. 

Consider Table Height

The height of coffee tables matters the most. Many modern sofas are low-seated, making them more comfy and relaxing so you need to match them with low-height tables as well. It seems disproportionate if a coffee table towered over you as you were resting on your sofa. 

Your coffee tables should be lower than your sofas. This makes having a perfect date night easier while enjoying pizza and popcorn with your spouse, for example. Your luxury furniture store should have elegant, sleek, low-lying tables that fit your sofas well. Choose the right ones.

Decide on the Shape

Like other console tables, coffee tables also come in different shapes. You will see beautiful tables that are round, abstract, rectangular, square, triangular, hexagonal, and literally any shape you can imagine. However, it all boils down to the furniture you already have in your living room. 

Matching the coffee table with your other Eichholtz furniture can be challenging; you can either get an interior designer to do the job for you or trust your instincts and decor skills to select one yourself. We recommend you do it yourself, as it will bring you self-satisfaction and boost your decor skills.

Draw a Balance

Your table should be placed at a distance of at least 12 to 18 inches away from your sofa set. Whether too far or too close, both cases can be uncomfortable. 

Consider the right balance, and make sure there is enough leg room. Besides the balance between your tables and sofas, you should also ensure a safe distance between the coffee table, TV, and fireplace. It feels suffocated when you squish so much furniture in one place.

Don’t try to throw in everything you see in other living rooms, only choose what will go right with your space and allow the proper air circulation.

Consider the Contrast

Have you ever seen some living rooms with dark counter stools, colorful drapes, light sofas, etc.? Such decor screams too much contrast and the furniture feels out of place. You should consider the style of your other furniture before making a purchase. 

Matching not only refers to colors but also includes the style, vibe, and weight of your coffee table. Make sure to get suitable coffee tables that match the rest of your furniture and fit in your space well. 

Choose User-Friendly Tables

Most people love a modern table decor that could be more user-friendly. Their size or design may not allow you the level of comfort you seek. Such tables will only look good but will be a burden in the long run. Avoid making a mistake because an uncomfortable coffee table will also affect your mood.

Select a coffee table that will not create issues during a gathering or when children are playing around. Avoid the sharp edged designs if you have kids at home. Always consider your home situation and your lifestyle before buying any furniture. 

Select the Ideal Table Material 

Coffee tables are usually made of wood, metal, or glass. Select a wooden coffee table if it matches the decor and vibe of the rest of your living room.. However, most modern living rooms opt for metal or glass coffee tables. Wooden coffee tables can provide great comfort and the luxury to be used any way you want.

Metal tables are in trend, adding a modern and unique touch to your living room. Many shops offer colorful metal tables to fit your traditional room styles. You can also go for the glass ones. They look the prettiest, to say the least. If you have seen the trending coffee tables, you might also find some designed with epoxy resins. It all comes down to your personal taste and living room furniture.


Coffee tables are essential to your living room. They can make or break the whole vibe you are trying to add. Although you can find all styles of coffee tables, whether in outlets or in online stores,  you need to make some considerations before purchasing one. 

Choose a coffee table that matches your other furniture and has the correct dimensions to fill the area. It would be a shame if your table is beautiful, but you must squeeze your legs or disturb others to get something from the other side. 



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