How to Profit From your Passion for Walking and Exercising

Is it possible to earn money by walking or moving? Move to Earn projects have been in operation for several years and are progressing. In the last two years, many users around the world have switched to this model. Move to earn are projects that you can earn and make money by walking or any other types of moving.

The crypto market has proven to everyone that if you invest in a currency at the right time, you will become a millionaire. Many people are eager to earn crypto through Move to Earn Games.

  1. Dustland Runner

Dustland Runner is a metaverse fitness app that allows you to exercise and earn money at home, gym or anywhere else. To get started, you need to have a Polygon wallet. The movement features of this program include running, walking and interval training. This software allows you to track your running stats, share your exercise report with your friends and analyze your health data. The app also has a smart switch that allows you to pause missions temporarily.

Users of this application can receive DOSE tokens as a gift by completing activities such as buying tokens, unlocking various game items, and training in special events. You must download and install the original version of this application from Play Store. It is building a fitness metaverse where players can exercise in different locations, such as at home or at the gym, and receive rewards in the form of tokens.

  1. STEP

The Step application (STEP) was launched in January 2022. Move to Earn is a project that rewards users for walking daily. This mobile app is currently available for users on Android and IOS platforms to check it out. If you want to start earning rewards, we recommend checking out this app.

Note that users must have at least 20,000 STEP tokens to start earning rewards. In addition to this, the maximum amount that users can receive in a day is 10 dollars. This game has 30 thousand stages that users can complete.


This app is the world's first NFT-based game based on the Solana network. This app allows its users to earn rewards by collecting NFT. In order to start this game and earn money, you need to visit the website . And after connecting the wallet and choosing the password, start your game.

  1. STEPN

STEPN is a Move to Earn app. StepN has the highest market value among all digital currency projects. Many users have turned to this software in the field of digital currency. Because they can easily earn money by walking and running.

STEPN describes itself as a Web3 lifestyle app with game-fi and social-fi elements that allows players to earn significant income by walking, running or jogging outdoors.

This project is based on the Solana network and requires users to purchase shoes for themselves in the form of NFTs to start earning rewards and cryptocurrency income. StepN is a software that cares about people's health and adds movement and exercise to their lives. There are different types of shoes available, each offering different income levels. Shoe NFTs are damaged with use and tokens must be used to repair them.

STEPN has an in-app NFT marketplace where users can purchase various shoes. The relatively high entry cost of this software can be compensated by the significant rewards that users can get from the project. In general, although you have to pay a fee to enter, you can easily return that fee to your pocket with effort. Span offers the GST token as a bonus to its users.


Due to the decrease in the level of people’s activity compared to previous generations, diseases and physical weaknesses have increased. Digital currency M2E projects are presented with the aim of encouraging people to exercise and be active. These programs are usually developed with the support of governments, insurance companies, and other organizations that benefit from public health.

In this article, we explained what Move-to-Earn is and how to earn money from walking, running and other sports activities using M2E applications. We also introduced the most famous M2E programs to earn money from sports.

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