How to Launch Your Music Career

Up and coming musicians everywhere have aspirations of making it big in Hollywood. Performing at venues around the world, topping the charts, and living the rockstar life is something that most artists dream of achieving. While it is easy to get infatuated with the glitz and glamor of superstardom, there are a lot of steps that the big players in the industry have taken to get themselves to the top. If you are looking for success in the music business, here are some of the practical steps you can take to launch your music career. 

Have a Plan

Before you enter the music industry, you need to decide how you would like to pursue your career. Coming in with a plan will help you determine what your first steps are going to be. The first big decision you will have to make is if you will launch your career independently or if you plan to pursue representation by an established record label. This decision will be heavily affected by the genre of music you are creating. There are certain genres that are more influenced by record labels. Pop music, for example, is one of these genres and can be difficult to navigate without proper representation. If you are pursuing a genre that is less influenced by major record labels, then you are more likely to have success as an independent artist. 

Get Comfortable with Rejection

Rejection is a big part of “the industry”. Anyone who has experienced success in show business has experienced their fair share of rejection. This includes some of the most successful names in the music industry such as The Beatles, Elvis Presley, U2, Madonna, and Lady Gaga. The only reason we know these huge names today is because they knew how to bounce back from rejection from major record labels. Prepare yourself for failure and make sure you are able to bounce back when it happens. 

Utilize Streaming Services

Streaming services are going to be your bread and butter as someone who is new to the music industry. In fact, even well-established artists are slaves to the major streaming services. If you are signed with a record label, they will handle getting your music on all of the major streaming services. But, if you are an independent artist, you need to know how to upload music to Spotify. Services like Spotify are how people will be able to listen to, share, and discover your music. And if you didn’t already know, the amount of times your music is streamed directly contributes to your ranking on the Billboard charts. It is also important to mention that streaming services are responsible for most of the revenue in the music industry today. 

Maintain a Presence on Social Media

Having a presence on social media is a non-negotiable in 2023. Take advantage of as many platforms as you can to market yourself to your target audience. Social media has been able to successfully launch the careers of many up and coming artists. For example, TikTok’s unique algorithm and penchant for trending audio clips have launched several artists to superstardom overnight. You truly never know what may launch your success so make sure you keep up to date on as many platforms as you are able to manage. 

Perform When You Can

When you are just starting out, you should take any opportunity that you can to perform. This will help to broaden your reach, therefore increasing your fan base. Large arenas are far from your only option when it comes to venues. Many small artists get their start by playing at festivals, community events, outdoor events, private events, coffee houses, amusement parks, and smaller concert venues. It also doesn’t hurt to perfect your live performance skills early on in your career, especially if you are new to performing in front of an audience. 

Make Good Connections

In the entertainment industry, you can never have too many connections. Networking is a great way to expand your reach and collaborate with other artists. You never know who will become successful, so it is never a bad idea to make meaningful connections. 

Launching Your Career

Starting off in the music industry can be intimidating, but these tips will help you stay on track for success. Just remember to be persistent, take advice when it’s offered, and don’t walk away after a couple rejections. After all, if The Beatles walked away after their first rejection, we would never have all the music that we know and love today. 


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