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How to get better from SharePoint?

How to get better from SharePoint?

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A common platform on Microsoft that allows you to manage documents and collect them in a more professional manner, SharePoint allows you to manage and share your content easily and effectively. Regardless of whether you have a small business or are an individual contributor to your business, SharePoint will allow you to manage your content without an issue. And if you are wondering where you can find the best SharePoint tips for 2023, then you have come to the best post. Today we are going to discuss how you can get better with SharePoint. To know more, keep reading the post!

Give a personal touch to your banner

In order to add a personal touch to your banner, you can consider SharePoint. It is easy and can help you with page customization. You could easily select a capture or even graphics, logos, text, etc., and make changes in the fonts and colors in order to create that is unique and meaningful to you. If you want to customize your banner, open the settings, and use SharePoint administration. On the other side, you could use Site Properties or even click on page layout to get better options.

Use image tags

SharePoint also gives you the benefit of adding image tags to your documents. They are an extremely powerful method to include images in documents. Image tags are ideal if you want to add some footer or header graphics. They add visual appeal to your banner. Whenever you are sharing documents online, you could also include the tags so that people have a fair idea of what they are downloading.

Keep their names consistent

When you are sharing the files, always remember that consistency matters the most. sharepoint tips and tricks 2023 will help you and the team to easily find the files you’re searching for and build the best foundation for collaborating with your team. Make sure that you are using standard symbols, numbers, and characters when you are naming the files. This will definitely make things a lot easier for you and reduce the chances of confusion.

Easily copy the lists & libraries

Creating a list or library in SharePoint can be a time-consuming job. It’s like setting up a collection of folders and files on a computer, and you need to organize them with specific details. Imagine doing this over and over; it’s frustrating. But here’s the good news: you can save a lot of time by copying a list or library from another place in SharePoint, as long as you have permission. It’s like making a duplicate of something you’ve already set up, and you get to keep most of the same settings and organization. This makes starting a new project much faster and easier. It’s like reusing a blueprint for a building instead of designing everything from scratch.

Go to folder view whenever you like

If you use SharePoint, you are also very used to the term flat view, this allows you to display all the necessary folders within a single list, which could also be helpful, especially if you wish to see all files at one ago. But this view won’t always be convenient when you are searching for something. Comparatively, folder view is a lot easier because it will display your folders within its own list. In that way, you could search or even browse throughout the files. This view will also be useful when you want to organize the files by any category or project.

Syncing your files

This is also another brilliant function that you can sync. It helps you reach the files from anywhere you prefer without even opening the browser. If the platform administrator does not forbid access, you will easily be able to sync this. Once you sync this, you will be able to get access to all the files in their computer along with all the other alterations. This will also be easily shown on your devices, which will make it easy and streamlined.

Manage Requests

It’s super frustrating when you send a link to a file in an email to a colleague, and then they can’t open it because they don’t have permission. To fix this, you can create a special email address just for handling these requests. This way, when someone needs access to a file, they

can send an email to that specific support address, and the right person will know to help them out. It’s like having a dedicated customer service line for these kinds of problems, so nobody has to wait around and waste time. This can help everyone work more smoothly and get things done faster.

Restore Lost Data

Losing important data by accident can be a big problem for your team. So, it’s really important for everyone to know how to get back data that they’ve accidentally deleted from their SharePoint library.

If you know how to do this, you won’t have to wait for someone else to rescue your data. This means you save your own time and the time of your colleagues who might be involved in fixing this problem with you.

To start, it’s a good idea to create a plan for how to restore data in SharePoint and make sure everyone follows it. This plan allows you to recover data from a specific point in time. But keep in mind, that when you restore data from an earlier time, any changes you made after that will be lost. Think of it like rewinding a video – you go back to an earlier part and everything that happened after that point disappears. So, having a plan and knowing how to restore data can be a real lifesaver in case something goes wrong with your files.


In simple words, SharePoint helps you with content management and if you want to make the best use of it, you can make use of the standard practices mentioned above. If you are just starting off, these tips will surely help you get things done in a very productive manner. SharePoint in fact is one of the most useful tools that you can use for communication within your organization. So, if you can get a good hold of this, you will easily be able to streamline business processes.


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