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How to get a job in construction in Australia?

How to get a job in construction in Australia?

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Construction work is one of the most demanding yet mesmerizing jobs. You get to be a part of a team that thrives on creating magnificent structures. It’s a type of occupation that has always been associated with art. It’s a type of job with its roots in mankind’s history, with all the breathtaking monuments that have been the result of creative minds.  
Construction jobs have always been in demand here in Australia. It is one of the largest industries and is always looking to take advantage of new and fresh talents. It is a job with multiple feeds and specialists that work hand in hand to deliver a project. Since every one of us plans to buy our own place one day, construction job prospects are always high.  

Visa application 

Undoubtedly there are many opportunities for foreigners who wish to migrate to Australia and get a job in construction. In 2020 about 311 thousand foreigners were hired in the various construction fields. Another proof that having a career in construction in Australia is one of many popular jobs among migrants. As in any other country, Australia has many visa types and applications. Migration Door Australia is one of the leading migration agencies that can help you acquire the most suitable visa to get in the country and find your perfect construction job.  

What exactly construction workers do? 

As the name suggests, construction workers are a team that work together at a particular site to build homes, buildings or any other structures. The group generally would have different assignments for each individual specific to their expertise. These individuals might be in charge of knocking down previous structures, material preparation, laboring, carpentry, etc.  
The work hours in construction are always affected by the budget and the projects’ deadlines. So, expect to work long hours and even on the weekends if you are on a project that needs to get done fast. You should also remember that most construction jobs are in the daytime, which can get challenging with climate change.  
Construction workers may have multiple tasks assigned to them on the site, so if you have acquired multitasking skills along with your experience, it can help you a lot on your next job hunt. Tasks like loading and unloading building materials, moving heavy objects, and things like that may need more hands to get done in time, so prepare yourself to help other coworkers when it’s needed.  

The needed steps to get a job in construction in Australia 

The following steps are some guidelines to show you what you need to secure a job in this field.  

Get a certificate  

Construction jobs are one of the most physical careers out there, so, understandably, you may need a few certifications to get in this field. Certifications depend on your level of expertise and the field you want to apply for, but onsite training is also available.   
There are three types of certifications that you can choose according to your field, Certificate I in Construction (CPC10111), certificate II in Construction (CPC20112) or a certificate III in Civil Construction (RII30915). These courses can definitely help you acquire more knowledge and become a better construction worker.  

White card 

To work in construction in Australia, you will need to acquire a white card. With a valid white card, you will verify to your potential employers that you have the required knowledge about safety and health policies needed on job sites. It applies to anyone, no matter what their role on construction sites.  
A white card proves that you have attended and acquired the necessary training and are well-informed about onsite safety regulations. A white card is considered an essential document when applying for a construction job in Australia.  
Usually, it takes up to a day to complete an online or classroom-based class to get your card. The costs for this class start from $40 AU up to $100, depending on the certificate. There are no exams, but instead, you must answer a few questions to test your grasp on the subjects. In the online version of the test, you have to do a short video call and prove that you have the right equipment to work in construction. 
Another point that we should mention here is that you must have USI (Unique Student Identifier) with your white card. You can get this number online through the Australian government’s website for free. You need to have a valid Australian visa to get this number because your passport number is required. You can get the USI number as soon as you arrive in Australia.  

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) 

It is necessary to obtain the required PPE (helmet, safety boots, and warning jacket) beforehand. According to the project, other equipment like safety glasses or hearing protection may be needed. Make sure you have these five pieces of equipment ready before signing for the online white card certification. You can buy them at any construction store or find used ones online to save some money.  
 Choose your trade thoroughly  
As in every profession, you need to choose the correct path that suits you best. Research about the required hourly rates in your chosen field. It is also necessary to consider how that field is rewarding for you or is it going to help you achieve your long-term goals.  
Another useful takeaway is assessing the physicality of the job you’re applying for. Is it demanding lots of strength? Can you work and deliver the same performance over the years? How much can it affect your health long term? Answering these types of questions can help you reach a better decision at the beginning of your job hunt.  

 Get a job in construction with no experience 

In Australia, many employers look for entry-level workers, which means that these workers have no experience. This is a good opportunity for those who wish to get into construction but lack the required experience.  
You can find a job like construction site laborer and acquire the needed training while you work and gain more experience. You can also choose to complete a construction worker apprenticeship course in a college. 

What is the average salary of a construction worker? 

Thanks to the modern awards, nearly all jobs in Australia, including construction, have a minimum wage. For example, the Building and Construction General On-Site Award (MA 000020) covers all construction workers.  
Your salary will largely depend on your job status. An entry-level worker with less than one year of experience will make around AUD 25.50 with bonuses, tips, and overtime pay. A worker with up to 4 years of experience will make around AUD 26.80. those with five to nine years of experience will earn about AUD 29.70. additionally, someone with the experience of ten to fifteen years can make around AUD 31.80.  
One way to make more in this field is to work on weekends or at night because they pay significantly more than the daytime hours. If you have other skills like carpentry, electrician or plumber, etc., you can get a higher job status with different hourly salary rates.  


After this brief overview about what is needed to choose a career in construction in Australia, you are ready to make your decision with a lot of useful information. You can now decide the number of hours you want to work every week or the amount of money you wish to make annually.  


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