How To File A Car Accident Claim In 8 Steps

How To File A Car Accident Claim In 8 Steps

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Car accidents are traumatic experiences. They may occur because of the other drivers’ over speeding, distractions, drinking, or exhaustion. This recklessness can lead to severe injuries like brain trauma, bone fractures, body pain, handicaps, and sometimes fatalities. At such a point, compensation for all the damage and injuries is only fair. You can enhance your chances of winning your case through your attorney. 

Area-based Dallas accident attorneys can help make an excellent case, ensuring you focus on your recovery as they handle the entire claim process. Lawyers can also ensure they file your claim successfully, do the necessary paperwork, and reach a favorable agreement with the sued party. You’ll eventually have the finances to recover your medical expenses. Compensation also helps lessen the emotional damage you may have undergone. 

With that in mind, below is how to file a car accident claim in eight steps:

  • Gather Evidence At The Accident Scene

The first thing you should do when you’re involved in an accident is to call the police while you’re at the scene. It’s best to stay at the accident scene until help arrives. You’d want to gather evidence at the scene during this waiting period. Take pictures of the cars and you’re minor injuries. You can also record eyewitness accounts of what transpired during the accident. It’s advisable not to post them on social media platforms because case details shouldn’t be made public while investigations are ongoing. 

  • Get Medical Attention   

After law enforcement officers assess the accident scene and the involved parties’ recorded statements, your next stop should be the hospital. The doctor will inspect your body to identify any injuries you may have sustained in the car accident. Treatment may involve restructuring your bones and stopping any internal bleeding. Ensure you get a detailed account of the medical bills, which will serve as evidence when you file your claim.

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  • Get In Touch With The Insurance Company   

It’s best to inform your insurance company and the other driver’s insurer about the car accident after you get treated. They’ll give you documents to fill out based on what happened during the accident. Make sure you first look into your coverage and exemptions. And during the conversations, record the names, timelines, titles, and phone numbers of the persons you speak with at the insurance company offices.

Disclose all the necessary information to them to increase your chances of getting a payout. Also, let your lawyers speak to them and try negotiating a favorable claim value. Chances are insurance companies don’t have your best interest at heart but theirs. So, they’ll try lowering your compensation as much as possible. But your lawyer will try their best to give you the deserved compensation.

  • Document How Much You Spent

You can spend a lot of money on your treatment, and you need to get back the actual amount you used. Thus, it helps to keep track of all medical bills. Keep all the cash receipts you receive after paying for services as proof. Also, indicate the money you borrowed from your family or the banks that helped foot the bill. And don’t forget the number of wages you’ve lost while pursuing treatment.

  • Estimate The Money You’ll Get

Speak to repair companies for estimates of how much it’ll cost to have your car repaired. Also, evaluate your medical bills, lost wages, chronic pain, and the physical damage to your car. Then, your lawyer will present the money you’re supposed to get when filing for the claim.

  • File The Accident Claim

Get the legal document required for court. Your lawyer can help compile a case and file it to the court. They’ll also give the defendants notice so they can come to court and answer the charges.

  • Conduct A Finding Search

After filing the case, the lawyers will help you review your case and the police findings and then do their research to check on the person who caused the accident. If it’s someone else who caused the accident, they’ll proceed to file a claim from their insurance companies. They’ll take all the needed evidence, such as eyewitness accounts, accident pictures, medical files, and proof of losing work, among other crucial details.   

  • Begin Mediation

After filing your case and completing investigations, you and your lawyers will begin mediation with the defendant. It typically happens outside the courts, and you’ll take your time to speak until you reach an agreement.  

If the offer is way less or the defendant fails to settle the agreed amount, your lawyers can file a lawsuit in court. Your attorney will get witnesses, compile all the accident footage, and then present them to court. Then, you’ll wait for the judge’s verdict on whether they should pay out.


Car accidents lead to many losses, from the vehicle’s physical damage to bodily injuries. Thus, it’s best to file a claim against the persons involved so they can pay for your medical bills and car repairs and help ease the emotional pain and loss of income you’ve suffered. Ensure you find a reliable lawyer to work with to increase your chances of winning.

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