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How to Decide it’s Time for a Pool Renovation

How to Decide it’s Time for a Pool Renovation

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Image Source: William LeMond

Given that pools are becoming more and more popular in the world and are getting built now more than ever, it is essential to consider checking your pool again and judging whether you should get a renovation or not. This is important in two regards. First, your pool can become one of the main relaxing spots in your home and hence should be cared for. Second, your pool ads value to your home. So, let’s get into it.  
1. Your Pool has Cracks and Notable Damage to it 
Let’s start with the most obvious one. If you notice any cracks or damage done to the pool, you need to act immediately. Even a small crack can quickly spiral and cause extreme damage to the structure of the entire pool. A crack in your pool is bound to cause a leak to happen, so don’t risk the problem spiraling out of control and call a professional to assess the situation as soon as you notice the problem. Once the problem has been figured out you have 2 options. 
1) If the crack is small and shallow then you just need to fix it with a spot treatment, nothing more. 
2) However, if the crack is deep and has already weakened the pool structure, you will need to undergo a full-scale renovation. 
2. You Start Noticing Leakage 
Having leaks occur in your pool can cause a lot of problems. The most notable problem that arises is the change in pH levels in the pool water. This will result in the growth of algae over time. With this in mind, fixing it as soon as possible is a priority so that nobody who is using the pool gets sick. This can be a side effect of a compromised pipe or some other plumbing issue. If you do have a damaged or clogged pipe, the prospect of a renovation should start crossing your mind. 
3. It has a Damaged Pool Deck 
While not the most important reason for a full renovation, you should approach the situation by judging how many of these problems you face and how important they are. While the pool itself is the most important part, you should not overlook the pool deck. If you neglect clean-up duty and maintenance, a lot of problems can rise up. Algae and mold can grow, cracks can start to appear, and faded paint, and chemical stains can appear. Some of these problems present real health problems and can lead to serious injuries if ignored. Don’t forget that the age and material of the deck will also play a part in how stable the structure is. So, in order to avoid any injuries befalling you or any of your family members, always keep an eye on the deck for any damage. 
4. You are Spending a Lot More Time Fixing the Pool than You Should Be 
If you need to make a simple repair to the pool, fair game. But if this simple repair starts becoming useless after a few days or weeks, you need to start seriously thinking about what is wrong. Some structural problems will often go unnoticed, and you will repair small parts of the pool and think nothing more of it. This can be an easy money sink if you don’t pay attention. More often than naught, these small problems are a result of a deeper problem, usually tied to the structure or the foundation, which are not always easy to spot. So, if you catch yourself repairing your pool too often, then opt for a full-scale pool renovation. 
5. Your Aesthetic Taste Has Changed 
People change. It’s just that simple. Over time we develop new tastes, and we might not like the things we had before. Not even that, if someone else built your pool in the past and the pool’s design is no longer appealing to you, then you should opt for a change. For example, you might not want to have a gigantic pool when you are using it realistically only for yourself, and you don’t want the huge amount of maintenance that comes with a large pool. This way, you should renovate the pool so that it fits your preferences and desires perfectly.  
6. You Want the Pool to Be Safer 
Have kids or the elderly using the pool and are afraid for their safety? This is a concern that many people face when using a pool in their backyard. The best solution will differ depending on the problem itself. If they are problems that can be fixed by just making additions to the pool, then there you go. If they are more structural, then you will need to opt for a renovation. Pool safety is a factor that many people neglect when constructing a pool for the first time.  
These were the most important factors that should be a signal to you that it’s time to renovate the pool. So, if you spot any of these issues, be sure to get to work so that you can enjoy the pool as you are supposed to. Till next time! 


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