How to Cope with Pest Control on a London Construction Site

When we hear or read the words “pest control”, people often make the assumption it refers to unwanted pests in the home but that’s not always the case. As many who work in the construction industry will attest to, pest control on job sites can be quite stressful and frustrating. If left unchecked, pests can cause serious and even dangerous damage to the job site. So what can construction companies do?

Here’s a look at some of the best ways to cope with pest control on a London construction site.

Always Be Aware of the Surroundings and Watch for Signs

To properly address pest control you first need to be aware of the surroundings and know the signs to watch for. Pests don't always make themselves known, especially if the infestation is relatively new so damage isn't clear yet. It’s good to know what kind of pests are present in that particular area and then break it down further into the signs of each one.

If you have security cameras set up on the job site, it can also be helpful to watch footage when dealing with larger pests such as rodents and birds.

Make Sure the Crew Is Aware of the Pest Problem

Not every pest poses a risk or issue to people, but some will. This is why you need to alert them of the issue so they are on the lookout. Should anyone get bitten or scratched by a pest such as a rodent, they will need to clear the affected area immediately so as not to risk infection.

Water Sources Can be Very Attractive to Pests

Another tip is to create the kind of job site that doesn't attract pests. Any still water or water sources that you have readily available will attract an array of pests. It's best to clear up this issue immediately.

The Job Site Needs to be Kept Clean

The words “clean” and “construction site” don’t always go hand in hand, but it’s one of the best ways to prevent pests from showing up. The site should be cleaned regularly so you aren’t giving pests a place to hide, nest, and infest.

It’s Time to Bring in the Pest Control Pros Even with your best intentions, there’s nothing like a professional pest control London firm to get the job done. Professionals come equipped with knowledge on how to spot pests, how to diagnose the issue, and the best treatment or solution plan. They have the proper equipment and products needed to control the issue.

A pest control company can also offer much faster results than a construction crew trying their best to secure the job site and rid it of unwanted pests. Time is of the essence as you don’t want to risk damage to the site that then sets the project back, and it’s worth noting that damage will equate to added costs.

Don’t Take Chances with Unwanted Pests

A construction site can be compared to a finely tuned machine in that all parts need to be working well for success. If pests are allowed to infest a job site, it will throw a wrench in the progress and the timeline. This is why dealing with them promptly is so important.

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