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How to Clean Your New House

How to Clean Your New House

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Home Vendor News How to Clean Your New House

New homes enhance our living experiences. They expose us to a larger space, modern amenities, and a better neighborhood. However, before moving into the new houses and enjoying life inside, we should give the areas a deep clean.

The idea is to eliminate the dirt that the previous inhabitants could have left behind while vacating the house or any accumulated dust. Cleaning before moving in is also convenient since you won’t have to move the furniture or bend to reach the hard to reach places such as walls and beneath the bed. Here are helpful tips to observe to make your house sparkle.

Prepare For Cleaning

The process of cleaning a house is quite engaging. You have to touch the bathrooms, toilet, kitchen, ceilings, lightings, fixtures, windows, and equipment types in the insides. Moreover, you have to clean the house exteriors, including the walls and the rooftops. It is thus essential to collect all the required materials before the actual exercise. Such materials may include cleaning solutions, disinfectants, cleaning brushes, a ladder, buckets, and other necessary equipment.
However, cleaning externals such as rooftops can be risky and cumbersome, especially if you don’t have the right tools. That’s why exterior building cleaning experts advise homeowners to outsource cleaning services. Third-party cleaners can save you both time and money since you won’t have to assemble the tools. You should only ensure that you outsource reputable services for the cleaning.

Clean The High Areas Before The Grounded Ones

Be organized in your cleaning. If you decide to clean the floor, the seats, and other low-level items before the top areas, they will certainly become grimy when cleaning the high areas, and you will end up doing double work. As a DIY expert, you should start with top areas first by cleaning the ceiling, fan blades, lights, and fixtures.
While standing on a ladder or a tall stool, use a wet cloth to wipe the dust on the ceilings. Wipe off the dirt from the fan blades using an old pillowcase. Separate the lights from their fixtures and clean each individually using a dry cloth. Always ensure you switch off the circuit breakers before cleaning the lamps and fixtures to avoid electrocution.

Head To The Bathroom

Bathroom surfaces in a vacated house are known to be dirty. They can become a haven for bacteria if proper cleaning is not performed. It is advisable to clean and disinfect the surfaces lest you become exposed to the risk of contracting serious infections. Spray the toilet holders, the door handles, the hanging bars, switches, and faucets with an antibacterial solution. Use an adjustable brush to clean the toilet corners. Clean the window glasses and the sink.

The toilet seat is very critical. Dip disposable towels in a vinegar solution and fix them underneath the toilet rim. Leave them to disinfect the place for approximately 40 minutes completely. Remove and dispose of the towels after the period. Rub the surfaces using a toilet brush and flash to let go of the vinegar and the dirt. Another quick and safe alternative to clean the toilet seat is to replace it. Ensure you wear the right gear to increase your safety.

Inspect And Repair the House Drains

Poor drains for water and house waste can turn the house into hell, with fouls smell dominating the home. Thus, it is essential to inspect the sink drains, the toilet drains, and water inlets to ensure that they are operating efficiently. Call a plumbing professional to check to replace any leaking hoses, faulty taps, and unblock any clogs. Besides the repairs, the plumbing expert can also disinfect the drains or recommend the best disinfectant to apply while executing your DIY tasks. You can also repair any other damage you saw during the previous steps at this sage.

Clean the Rest of the House

After you are done cleaning the top areas in the interior, it’s now time to clean the low lying items and the floor. Dust off and clean the furniture (if any). Remove any scattered debris on the floor and use a wet mopping brush to wipe the floor’s dust. Start the air conditioners to aid in cleaning the air inside. You may also need to install humidifiers to assist in reducing the dust and keeping the air warm. Proceed to clean the house exteriors. You can now move in since you have cleaned most parts of your new house.
As you can see, you need to plan well and execute your cleaning tasks systematically to avoid doubling your tasks. However, you can hire cleaning professionals to clean the areas that seem too risky for you to handle.


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