How To Choose The Right Capping Machines

Bottle capping machines serve a lot of different purposes, especially with so many different products out there. There is a wide variety of products with different designs. Easy to open or having some resistance, easy to use, child-proof, and so much more. It is also important what container you are using and for what purpose. This and many more factors come into play when you are deciding which capping machine to buy. A task that seemed easy turned out to be quite a problem. Worry not; as in this review, we will help you find the right type of capping machine for you. 

Different Bottle Capping Equipment

When choosing the right capping machine, first, you need to know what they are capable of. Here we put together all the necessary information in order to help you make a decision. So let us begin.

Chuck cappers

First, let’s talk about Chuck cappers. Basically, they are tools that connect to the cappers allowing them to grip caps. With this, the already placed caps become tightened. This step is really important as it is essential for the process of capping as a whole. Choosing the right type and size of capper is vital. Being one of the most popular, chuck capper has different designs depending on the need.
In general, there are three types of chuck cappers. 
First, there is an automatic capping machine. These chuck cappers are a component of complete automated lines. Apart from changing the bulk caps and monitoring the line, there are no other jobs here for the operator.
The second one is semi-automatic. Even though they are semi-automatic, they still need to be handled manually. It activates with a switch, but the worker must place the bottle and the cap.
The last one is the manual capping machine, also known as handheld. The name itself explains everything. These cappers need someone to operate them by putting the capper on top of the cap in order to tighten it.

Snap cappers

The next one we will talk about is the snap cappers. They work by snapping, pressing, or pushing caps on the bottles or any kinds of containers. The good thing about snap cappers is that they can be used no matter the size or shape of the bottle. It is a great time saver because of how efficient it is.
When it comes to pressing materials, snap cappers are very versatile. They can press both plastic and metal caps onto containers made from many different materials. These materials are metal, glass, plastic, PVC, HDPE, PP, PET, and LDPE. Furthermore, their usage covers milk caps, over caps, pull-ups on tin cans, shifters, and lids on tin cans. You can also find snap cappers that can do roll-on containers, office reducers, and drop inserts into the necks of bottles. Like chuck cappers, these can also come as semi-automatic as well as automatic capping machines. Automated snap cappers also come with a delivery system.

Spindle cappers

Now let’s go over the spindle cappers. Like previous cappers, spindle cappers come as both semi-automatic as well as automatic. The way they work is that they have a rubber disc that is referred to as “spindles,” which spins the caps in order to seal the bottles. The automatic spindle cappers come with an advantage over the semi-automatic ones. They possess a cap delivery system. On the other hand, the semi-automatic spindle cappers need operators to function. Both are very versatile as they can work with bottles of different sizes and shapes. This includes both plastic and glass bottles. Additionally, they can work with many different caps such as sports caps, oval caps, pumps, flat caps, trigger sprayers, and much more.

Automatic vertical wheel pluggers

Last but not least, we will mention the automatic vertical wheel pluggers. Their main goal is to achieve speed and efficiency. They are not intended for smaller producers. It is designed for bigger packaging lines. Bottles are automatically plugged as soon as they pass through the machine. The machine provides exceptional precision as well as consistency no matter what. These pluggers are completely automatic, so they do not need operators to function. Keep in mind that automatic vertical wheel pluggers cannot operate at an angle. You can guess that by reading the name. With the machine having vertical pluggers, the only way for the machine to operate is if the angle for plugging is vertical as well. Depending on the height of the container, you can adjust the height of the wheel placer.
Picking the right capping machine may seem like an easy task at first. But there is a lot of information that you need to consider before making a decision. All of the machines that we covered here have different use for different situations. We hope that this information can help you make the right decision.

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