How To Choose A Shipping Container For Your Car Transport

Selecting the appropriate shipping container for transporting your vehicle is a crucial decision that demands careful consideration. Whether you’re relocating, selling a car, or participating in an international event, the safety, and efficiency of your car’s journey hinge upon the container you choose.  

If you’re looking for valuable insights to guarantee secure and smooth transport for your vehicle, this article is your guide. Here are the essential factors to help you make informed decisions when choosing a shipping container hire for your car.

1. Choose The Right Container Size

Considering the size of the shipping container is paramount when transporting your car, with a particular emphasis on closed shipping containers. The container’s dimensions directly impact your vehicle’s safety and condition throughout its journey. 

Enclosed shipping containers, with their solid roofs and walls, provide a protective cocoon for your vehicle. However, the container’s size must align perfectly with your car’s dimensions for this protection to be effective. A container that is too small might lead to potential damage as your vehicle is loaded. In contrast, excessive space within an overly large container could result in unwanted shifting during transit, increasing the risk of harm.

By meticulously considering the shipping container’s size, you are actively taking steps to ensure that your car is transported in a safe and controlled environment, arriving at its destination in the best possible condition.

2. Assess The Container’s Condition

When choosing a shipping container for your valuable car, it’s essential to check its condition to keep your car safe during travel. Before you decide, carefully look over the container’s overall state.  

Pay attention to rust, corrosion, and any damage. Also, inspect the outside for problems like dents, scratches, or holes. Make sure the door seals are good to prevent moisture, dust, and the weather from getting to your car. Assessing the container’s condition is vital before entrusting your car’s transport. This helps ensure a smooth and safe journey for your vehicle.

3. Consider Security Features

Choose shipping containers equipped with robust locks and tamper-proof seals to enhance security, deterring theft, unauthorized access, and vandalism throughout the journey. Reinforced locks, such as heavy-duty padlocks, provide extra protection. This helps reduce the risk of tampering during transit or when parked for heavy equipment. Tamper-proof seals on the container maintain integrity, discouraging attempts to compromise its contents.  

Consider additional security options like global positioning system (GPS) tracking and continuous surveillance offered by reputable container companies. These technologies enable real-time monitoring of your car’s location and condition, which enables a swift response to unusual events and ensures safety. A container with top-tier security guarantees robust protection, provides confidence and allows you to focus on other transportation aspects for a smooth and stress-free journey.

4. Opt For A Weather Resistant Container

Protecting your vehicle from moisture is vital during car transport. Rain, humidity, and sea spray can cause rust, corrosion, mold, and electrical problems on land or sea. Bad weather during transport can harm your car’s condition and value, so a container with strong water resistance is essential.  

As mentioned, enclosed containers create a sealed space that shields your car from rain and moisture. The container’s doors have seals and gaskets to keep water out, and proper ventilation reduces condensation. Ensuring your container is water-resistant helps guarantee your car arrives in the same condition, keeping its looks, function, and value intact. This safeguards against water damage, reducing repair costs and potential issues with insurance.

5. Consider Insurance Coverage

Even with meticulous planning, unforeseen incidents jeopardizing your car’s safety can occur during transit. Hence, having comprehensive insurance is a safety net in providing financial protection and tranquility throughout the journey.   

Sufficient insurance is crucial due to unforeseen accidents, natural disasters, weather, theft, vandalism, and loading and unloading concerns. Proper insurance coverage shields your car from these potential risks. This allows you to concentrate on a seamless and stress-free transport experience.

6. Read Customer Reviews

Assessing customer reviews and a shipping container company’s reputation is crucial when selecting the right service for your valuable vehicle. This evaluation helps gauge their reliability, trustworthiness, communication, and ability to handle problems effectively. 

For instance, if you come across numerous positive reviews praising a shipping container company’s timely deliveries and successful issue resolution, it indicates a strong reputation for its services. Conversely, a company with consistent negative feedback might raise concerns about its performance and reliability. Therefore, considering customer experiences and reputation is crucial in making an informed choice for your car’s transport needs.

7. Assess The Cost

Considering the cost is vital when selecting a shipping container for your car transport. Your budget plays a significant role in determining the type of container you can afford and the overall logistics of the transportation process. 

Furthermore, the cost considerations go beyond just the container itself. It would be best to consider additional expenses such as insurance coverage, customs fees, and any necessary modifications to secure your car within the container. You can balance your budget limitations and your car’s safety and protection by carefully evaluating the cost aspect.


Selecting the ideal shipping container for your car transport requires thoughtful choices. Prioritizing these factors ensures a safe and organized transport. Choosing the right container preserves your car’s value, forming the cornerstone of a successful car transport journey.

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