How to Build Your Own Koi Pond

Koi fish are not exactly your typical pet fish. Most would say they are more than that. This statement is true in so many ways.
Unlike goldfishes or other common pet fish, koi is not really suited for aquariums unless it is a huge one. They are a big species and will need room to swim around freely. This is why you would most likely see koi in ponds.
So if you are planning on giving a koi a new home, take a look at how you can build your koi pond at home!

Step 1

First, you need to check if you have the space for a pond. Before you look for koi fish for sale, make sure that the pond’s space is away from tree roots and electrical wirings. It is best if the area is shaded so that you can slow down the algae growth.
You also need to figure out what the size will be. The size will depend on how many koi fishes you have or will have. Remember, they are large, fast-growing fishes, so you need to have ample space for all of them to swim freely. Typically, the koi pond is 4 feet deep.

Step 2

Next, you need to install a bacteria tank and device for water circulation.  Koi fishes excrete a specific type of bacteria that is necessary for them to thrive. A bacteria tank will help preserve and cultivate this bacteria for them. Similarly, water circulation is essential.
Usually, a waterfall is designed to make the bacteria tank and water circulation. You can use that dirt from the hole you dugout to create it. However, you can choose different methods to have both of these.

Step 3

The third step will be lining the pond. You will need to put a liner all over the space and a foot extended outside of the hole. Make sure to smoothen out the placement and be careful walking on it to avoid ripping it. You can use rocks to keep it in place.

Step 4

You need to install the vital mechanisms for the koi pond, like the water pump and filter. The power capacity and placement of the pump are crucial. The pump needs to have enough power to accommodate the size of the pond. Keep in mind to place it one or two inches on the bottom of the pond floor. This will prevent the pump from sucking the sediments.
You are already spending time, effort, money on the koi pond, so don’t you dare spare cash on the water filter. The filter is vital to keep the fishes alive. It helps keep the water clear and clean. It also converts the ammonia produced by the fishes into nitrates to protect them.

Step 5

Now you are down to the finishing touches. The last step would be to fill the pond with water. You can also fill the pond with plants if you want.
You are essentially done at this point, but you should still wait for a few weeks before adding koi fishes to the pond. During this waiting time, water will circulate, and sediments will form.
Thinking of building a koi pond can be terrifying. However, you can do it on your own. A pond seems intimidating, but you can think of it as a swimming pool for your koi fishes.  Just follow these steps to be guided accordingly.

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