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How to build your house?

How to build your house?

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Home Vendor News How to build your house?

Everyone wants to own their own house, but building a house is a complicated process, which requires a lot of materials and equipment, and requires you to have very professional architectural knowledge and experience in building a house.

But not all equipment you need to use, you need to choose the appropriate mechanical equipment. You can choose the equipment according to the process of building a house.

Before building the house, carry out construction according to the drawing of the house. Only by avoiding the mistakes in the construction process, can we build a perfect house.

1. Land Purchase

If you do not own a parcel of land, first of all you will need to consider buying one. Before making a land purchase, there are multiple factors to consider. You’ll need to consider land topography, location, type of the land, etc.

2. Foundation works

First, dig the foundation of the house. The foundation of the house is the foundation of the entire building and is very important. Without a good foundation, this house will be very unsafe, which will greatly affect the life of the house. You can choose an excavator to dig the foundation pit. Labor is very time-consuming.

The foundation is compacted, this step is a key step in strengthening the foundation. We can choose a compactor.

3. Rebar Project

The binding of steel bars should be standardized, especially the spacing of the bottom steel bars should be consistent, the force should be uniform, and the column inserting bars should be careful not to deform.

4. Concrete pouring and leveling

When pouring concrete, attention should be paid to the conditions of the formwork, brackets, and steel bars to prevent displacement. You need to use a concrete mixer.

5. Foundation backfill

The backfill here uses soil and rock excavated from the original foundation, and then a layer of stone powder is laid on it to level it.

6. Waterproof and moisture-proof on the ground

After the foundation backfill is completed, another layer of moisture-proof coiled material is laid. In areas where the weather is humid, the ground must be moisture-proof, otherwise, the ground will become a rain gauge. If it does not rain outside the house, the house will get wet first.

7. Basic completion

What needs to be noted here is that the best foundation for building a house can be tested for soil quality, and different soils use different foundations.

Too high a foundation standard is wasteful and unnecessary, and a low foundation standard may cause building settlements and cause major problems to the structure of the house.

I believe you have seen many houses with cracked walls in the countryside, many of which are often caused by problems with the foundation.

8. The main body of the house

When you build the main body of the house, we mainly choose hollow concrete blocks at this time. These blocks are widely used in house construction. They can be insulated and moisture-proof and have high strength, which is very suitable for building houses.

When you choose hollow blocks, you can choose to buy them from a block factory, or you can choose to produce concrete blocks yourself.

There are many types of concrete brick machines. If you are just building a house, you only need to choose a small concrete brick machine to meet the requirements.

I recommend that you buy brick machines from LONTTO. They are a very trusted brick machine manufacturer. Many of my friends have bought brick machines from LONTTO. If you want to know how to buy a brick machine, click here.

9. Roof construction

The reason why the roof construction is taken out separately is that it is related to whether the house is comfortable to live in. The most important factor for peace of mind, especially the roof waterproof, should be paid special attention to.

10. House construction

Each wall here uses double-layer standard bricks, which are better for sound insulation and heat preservation. This is mainly to remind you to choose qualified bricks.

11. Put cement on the inner and outer walls

The basic thing to pay attention to here is the quality of cement. Be sure not to buy low-quality cement, but good-quality cement.

In fact, after this step is completed, the main part is basically completed. You can see the basic effect.

12. Hydropower installation

This step must be very careful. The first is the selection of hydropower materials. I would rather spend more money to choose good quality. I believe this is also the consensus of most people.

In addition, the homeowner needs to imagine how the house will be used in the future, where to install faucets, plugs, etc. Otherwise, it will be annoying if there is no interface when using it in the future.

Reference materials:

There are many types of construction machinery, mainly including the following equipment:

(1) Excavating machinery: including single bucket excavator, multi bucket excavator, backhoe loader.

(2) Earth shovel transportation machinery: bulldozers, scrapers, dumpers

(3) Compaction machinery: including road rollers, compactors.

(4) Construction cranes: including tower cranes, crawler cranes, construction hoists.

(5) Piling machinery: including vibratory pile hammers, hydraulic hammers, pile drivers.

(6) Pavement machinery: including asphalt spreader, asphalt concrete paver.

(7) Concrete machinery: including concrete mixers, concrete mixer trucks, concrete pumps.

(8) Concrete products machinery: including concrete block making machines, hollow slab extrusion machines. Learn more.

(9) Rebar and prestressing machinery: including reinforcement machinery, reinforcement forming machinery, reinforcement connection machinery, reinforcement prestressing machinery.

(10) Decoration machinery: including mortar preparation and spraying machinery, paint spraying machinery, ground finishing machinery, decoration hanging basket, hand-held power tools.

(11) Aerial work machinery: including aerial work vehicles, aerial work platforms.


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