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How to Build Your House to Last

How to Build Your House to Last

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Though buying a house that is already built has its perks, there is much to be said about the appeal of building your own. The very idea of constructing a house from scratch from the bottom up and to your exact liking is extremely tempting, so it’s no wonder that most people who would have the opportunity would go for it. We could write a whole lot about why it’s a great idea to build your own house, but this article is to help learn how to build it. 
So here are the preparations you need, things to put into consideration, and factors to watch out for. 

Know the Land

Finding a piece of land doesn’t happen that easily; at least not as easy as finding a “For Sale” sign on a house. The best offers tend to come through word of mouth, but you could come up with a listing that interests you. Avoid the horror stories we hear about people who pick an excellent spot but can’t get connected to water or electricity supplies or both! You don’t want to get stuck in an uphill battle with zoning regulations. If it’s in a very remote area, you’ll probably want to learn about the internet connection and the utility supplies. 
To ensure your house is in a safe environment, try to stay away from areas that are known for natural hazards. Flood risks have to be considered if you’re building near a body of water or near overhead power lines. Most people are not gifted contractors and I-Grace luxury construction & remodeling suggest if you don’t have a contractor, you need to get one early on. Contractors will tell you if the land you have your eyes set on is suitable and can handle the licensing process and other documents needed. This is in addition to the actual construction and interior of your home. You can’t do everything on your own, so it only makes sense to hire professionals who have their team ready and only use the best construction materials. 

The Foundations

The foundations are the most expensive and most critical part of a strong home. This isn’t the place to skimp. Poured concrete is by far the strongest material you can use for the foundation. Having said that, it’s not the only choice. You can have a wood foundation but there’s a high chance it will get affected by moisture causing it to rot, and maybe spread. That’s not to say that concrete isn’t porous, because it is, but it is still the stronger choice. Around 2/3 of all residential homes and commercial places use poured concrete. For most cases, before the concrete is poured, rebar or metal rods are mounted for additional strength. This costs more, but it provides a denser, thicker, and more stable base. This step has to be done right, so it’s best to hire the pros.

Sturdy Roof

The roof is often the first thing that gets a heavy knocking from storms, excessive rains, and other types of extreme weather. There are dozens of material choices to use for a roof. The top choices would be asphalt shingles, metal, clay tile, wood shake, and slate. Find out more about each type since they all have their pros and cons. Asphalt shingles are the most common ones used. Metal roofing is highly eco-friendly and lasts longer than asphalt shingles. Clay tile roofs can last a hundred years and you see them in historical houses, while wood shake is stronger than wood shingles. Slate is also very long-lasting and has that historical beauty to it. 

Super Walls

The walls play a big role and the materials you use will prove how well they can stand up to fires and physical stress. This includes framing, internal, and external wall materials. Constructors have a choice of several types of material and the use of different techniques to strengthen the walls.  

Entry Doors

The entry door of your new home is what keeps you safe from outside elements. A strong door protects you and your family from potential burglaries. Doors made out of steel accounts for around half of the doors in the market. Other choices are fiberglass and wood. The adage, “They don’t build them like they used to” isn’t that true. It depends on the type of materials you use for the building. Like everything else, it also depends on people doing a job correctly.

Constructing a house from scratch means it’s your chance to build your dream home. You have a lot of control over how things will go. Sure, you want a beautiful looking house, but it’s just as important to have a strong one that stands the test of time. 


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