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How to Autumnize Your Outdoor Areas

How to Autumnize Your Outdoor Areas

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Autumn is a gloriously beautiful season, almost regardless of where you live. In some places, the changing colors of the trees and the nip in the wind make the season feel magical; in other places, the breaking of the exceedingly high summer temperatures come fall is necessary to enjoy the great outdoors. However, before you can begin enjoying time amidst the autumnal air, you need to prepare your outdoor spaces for the season. Here’s how. 

Clean Your Deck or Patio 

Summer fun tends to rely on a number of outdoor toys and tools that might not get put away as long as the weather stays warm. What’s more, in many parts of the world, the end of summer brings on a number of warm-weather storms that can cause dirt and debris to accumulate around your outdoor living spaces. Before you can appreciate the splendor of fall, you need to spend some time cleaning and organizing your deck or patio. 
First, you might consider renting a power washer to scrub away dirt or grime that has permeated your outdoor living spaces. If you have never used a power washer before, it might take you some time to get the hang of the movements, but the process is almost universally satisfying and relatively quick. Power washing is also an essential first step before you can seal your flooring. 
Next, you might invest in some type of outdoor storage to keep your summertime tools and toys safe during the upcoming cool seasons. Patio and deck boxes work well for smaller items, but if you have a large number of summer fun items, you might find it worthwhile to erect a small shed in a corner of your yard. 

Fix Old Boards or Pavers 

Once your outdoor living spaces are cleaned up, you can inspect them for signs of wear-and-tear. Over time, patios and decks will need some sort of repair, and the sooner you address issues, the less expensive and extensive your repairs will need to be. 
If you have a paver patio, you should look for signs that your stones or bricks are becoming uneven. Sinking or raising will eventually occur even in professionally laid patios, but evening out the stones or bricks is a simple process you should be able to complete yourself. 
If you have a wooden deck, you should take some time to reseal the boards before the heavy precipitation of the winter begins. You might also inspect your boards for signs of weakness or rot which might warrant patches or replacements.   

Install New Lighting and Fixtures 

Temperatures of autumn are not always as predictable as they are in summer and winter. Some days may feel as hot as June while others bring a nip in the air that sends you scurrying for a jacket. To make your outdoor spaces more comfortable during these tumultuous seasonal changes, you should install a few fixtures that can stabilize temperatures, such as: 
A ceiling fan. An outdoor ceiling fan is an excellent addition to your indoor-outdoor design as it offers functionality in all four seasons. You can find modern ceiling fans with simple lines to fit every outdoor aesthetic. 
Misters. Placed along your patio or deck, misters can add some moisture to the fall air, protecting your skin from the increasing dryness while keeping you cool during the heat of mid-day. Most mister systems are controlled by your existing irrigation system, making installation easy. 
A fire pit. There is nothing quite like the warm glow of a fire to warm bodies and spirits alike. If you do not want to make space on your patio or deck for a fire pit, you might invest in a fire table or a smaller fire element. 
A heater. Many cities prohibit the burning of campfires on residential properties, so to achieve some warmth during chilly fall evenings, you should have a heater on hand. The best patio heaters are stylish and function as fun focal points in your outdoor design. 

Refresh Your Container Plants 

Most homeowners fill their outdoor containers with annuals, which generate bigger and brighter blooms that dazzle through the warm-weather seasons. However, these plants tend to die off as temperatures drop, providing you the opportunity to fill your containers with more seasonally appropriate greenery. Some of the most stunning container plants to decorate your outdoor spaces during autumn include: 

  • Mums 
  • Aster 
  • Ornamental cabbage 
  • Helenium 
  • Celosia 
  • Salvia 
  • Heuchera Lamb’s ears 

Your deck or patio will survive the autumn without your intervention — but if you want to take full advantage of this glorious season, you should spend a weekend freshening up your outdoor spaces in the above ways. 


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