How To Add Antiques In Your Hotel Interior

One of the most significant advantages that smaller or boutique hotels have when compared to the typical franchised hotel firms is that they enjoy far greater freedom when it comes to interior design and room decoration. This allows the small hotel owners to infuse the rooms they offer with remarkable designs and refurbishments based on their own personal preferences and critical eye. Indeed, by turning each room stay into a veritable experience, hotel owners can start growing a loyal base of repeat customers while also receiving rave reviews in the process.

One method for achieving a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere without going into the pretentious territory is by introducing antiques to the rooms. A couple of smaller accent pieces or one grand statement item could completely transform any space and turn a stay in your hotel from a mundane place to sleep into a veritable experience. Nowadays, antiques can be acquired far more easily without breaking the bank, thanks to antique dealerships such as Westland London. You can browse eclectic online antique collections in order to choose the perfect piece to complement your unique vision. To achieve the best possible results and bring the most out of your antique pieces, you may wish to follow some of the recommended guidelines.

Combine Antique and Modern

Instead of creating a sense of luxury, cramming a room full of antiques could have the opposite effect and leave guests feeling cramped inside a stuffy old room. Better results could be achieved by mixing a couple of antiques among items with a more modern style. As an added benefit, the end result will be something completely unique and specific only to your hotel. While there are no limits, you should still keep the overall end result in mind when choosing what pieces to add to the room. An antique nightstand can do wonders for the place when paired with a contemporary lamp.

Revamp What You Already Have

If you are planning to get rid of some older or dated carpets and rugs, you may wish to reconsider. Instead of going out and buying new ones, hire a professional to clean the carpet and bring some new life into it. The same applies to any worn furnishings or furniture that may not be in the best condition. Indeed, shopping around flea markets and antique shops could net you a collection of amazing furniture pieces that may not be in the best shape.

However, after upholstering and refurbishing them, you will be left with several one-of-a-kind pieces that are ready to impress anyone who enters the room. Similarly, impressive results can be achieved by removing flakey paint from wooden surfaces, such as doors, window frames, floorboards, etc., to uncover the original wood. After varnishing the wooden surface, it will create a more natural look and distinct character to the entire space.

Use Colors For A Unified Feel

Using a combination of shapes, styles, and textures while also adding antiques to modern decor is almost guaranteed to produce an interesting interior design. However, it can also easily backfire and result in an aesthetic that is more confused and seemingly random than harmonious. To maintain a cohesive link between the various items in the hotel room, try to follow a shared theme, such as including pieces with a similar color scheme. Color-coordinating can add depth and layers to the visual aesthetic of the room.

Don't Underestimate Textiles

When redecorating the rooms of the hotel by introducing antiques to them, take into account the textiles and styles you are using. Natural textures such as wool and wood can make certain areas or items pop. To add character, use antique ceiling lights, lavish cushions and throws combined with a modern sofa, or an antique mirror with an ornate wooden or golden frame.

Light Up The Place

Lighting is a surefire way when it comes to mixing old and new and achieving stunning results. Simply placing an antique Tiffany-style ceiling light within a contemporary setting will deliver a dazzling effect to charm your hotel guests. Alternatively, if the room has more of a rustic feel with several antiques already placed inside, you can opt for contemporary lighting to create an impactful contrast. Hanging an antique mirror can serve a double purpose - create the illusion of a much bigger space by reflecting any light source, as well as adding a luxurious air to the hotel room.





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