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How Hardwood Can Be Used on Walls

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How Hardwood Can Be Used on Walls

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Renovation inspiration can come from anywhere. People find various materials to start planning how to upgrade their homes, especially when considering hardwood. Check out how you can use it on your walls to give your living space a new look with a few creative ideas.

1. Door Frames

The door frames that came with your house don’t have to be there forever. You can always pick a hardwood variety that matches your floors or furniture and replace them. Consider designs like mitered or butted casings to direct the carving process and establish the future look of all your doors.

2. Archways

Arches have become popular architectural features in homes over the past decade. The rounded shapes add soft visuals to every room and focal points throughout a home. Line your house’s archways with hardwood trim and the material will look beautiful alongside any seasonal decor lining each arch.

3. Crown Molding

Nearly every modern home has crown molding. It’s the stripe of wood lining the bottom and top of each wall. You could find hardwood in maple or cherry varieties and replace your molding to make your rooms appear larger with the proper measurements. Whether you want traditional, flat or cove molding, your next renovation will add years of life to your home.

4. Wall Frame

Transform your home into a neoclassical or Victorian dreamscape by using hardwood on your walls to create frames. The frames would extend between the floor and ceiling molding in each corner. The result will lend an elegant appearance that refreshes your home with the help of experts who know how to carve the wood to your design.

People won’t see anything like this when they visit their friends and family. Wall frames will make your home pop with character without months of heavy-duty construction work.

5. Mantel

Anyone can add a mantel to their home even if they don’t have a fireplace. You only need to pick a slab of hardwood and order whichever design you prefer. The mantel can replace the one currently over your fireplace or become a wall fixture beneath your television. All you have to do is place it in the room’s focal point and get the proper installation hardware to use hardwood on your walls elegantly.

6. Shelving

There are numerous ways to use hardwood as shelving. It depends on your living space and where the shelves will go. Consider how much wall space you have to browse potential shelving arrangements. You can always order whatever inspires you and make your next upgrade a custom project.

Sketch ideas like floating shelves above your beds, couch or kitchen table. Your home could be the perfect candidate for built-in bookshelves that lend a modern style with curving surfaces, natural grain or a reading nook. Splash your personality across your home while adding storage space with hardwood shelves.

7. Acoustic Slats

Hardwood slats appeal to modern homeowners for a few reasons. They’re sleek and eye-catching, which are not standard design features in every household. They also create additional surfaces to bounce sounds off during dinner parties and movie nights. Cushion your home with carpets or rugs and the hardwood slats will ensure that no one will struggle to hear each other without seeming too cold in appearance.

8. Statement Wall

Accent or statement walls are easy to create, especially if you want to use hardwood on your walls. Walnut panels lend warmth to homes with tile floors or metal accents. Textured planks could give your entryway character. You could even make your house a boho dream by using hardwood slats in a herringbone pattern to evoke natural elements inspired by the planet.

If you’ve ever wished your home had a specific architectural style, a statement wall could create that appearance. You only need to pick your preferred style and find a hardwood that suits your house. It may even help your home sell faster in the coming years if you enjoy architectural designs that have been popular long-term.

Consider Using Hardwood on Walls

After reading about how hardwood can create interesting wall features, consider what would look best in your home. Whether you have blank walls to fill, a lack of shelving or door frames that don’t add anything to your interior design scheme, you’ll find a creative way to use your favorite hardwood to upgrade your house.

Olivia Elsher is a Senior Writer & Editorial Manager at Renovated. She has over five years of experience writing about home renovation, home decor, and improvement related topics.


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