How does SEO help you boost your business?

Nowadays, SEO is a term that everyone knows very well. As we are living in an era where people do their business online! And in order to do that, one needs to have the proper knowledge of how SEO works!

SEO is not just an algorithm that makes your website rank on Google, but it’s a proper mainframe work on which you can rely

In this article, I will explain how SEO works and how it makes your business grow!

What is SEO and how does it work?

SEO is known as Search Engine Optimization! Many online businesses are using the services of SEO, and many businesses rely solely on SEO services! So how does it work?

SEO has some main components that you have to understand first. And then it’d be easy for you to understand how things actually work!

The first and very main component of SEO is to provide the correct information with the relative keywords, which means you have to make your content very well informative in order to rank yourself in google searches.

How does content affect SEO?

There’s a saying that goes for SEO and Content Writing, “If SEO is King, then Content is Queen.”

Perfect content which has the most relevant words and things to search for would make your site rank easily on any search engine.

Now you might be thinking that how does content help in SEO? Answer is,

When Google crawls your website, it automatically reads your content as well. When it finds any irrelevant or irrelevant words in your content, it doesn’t matter because we have a proper tool called “Google” which crawls for almost all websites of the world.

What is a google crawler in SEO? 

It’s a term used to call any robotic program that Google uses to read your site.

By this, we can say that it’s a device that reads your website!

How does a google crawler help you in SEO? 

It helps you in many ways but here I will explain it briefly.

1- It makes it way easier to find out any kind of mistakes in your website’s coding. Like if it finds anything like a “404 error”, or, “403 error”, then Google automatically deletes it and makes you update your site!

2- It helps you have universal content and accuracy about the keywords, which are very much needed for SEO.

3- It simply helps you to crawl any content of your site and helps you have the proper count of your Linking.

4- It just helps you have a better chance for SEO.

So essentially, A Google crawler is your best partner in SEO. And without it, SEO would never be a perfect art.

Let’s take an example: you have a business of custom rigid boxes, and you want your website to be on the first search of Google! In this scenario, you have to make sure that the content that you upload on the site completes the user intent! This way Google crawlers can read your website content, and when the crawler will find that the information that you have on your site completes its purposes. And the crawler will take your website to the top searches of google!

What type of SEO is there? 

There are two types of Search Engine Optimization. One is Off-site, and the other is on-site!

So, let’s take a look into these types:

Off-site SEO: 

Off-site SEO is all about promoting your website. It focuses on how you can make your site popular on google.

As we said that “Content is the queen”! So if you have well-written and informative content. Then people are going to visit your site again and again!

So, Off-site SEO is all about you creating a buzz among the users of Google that they visit your site and stay on it.

Onsite SEO: 

Onsite SEO is all about. You have the most relevant information on your website! This type of SEO focuses on how you can make sure that your site is readable by Google and its Crawlers.

With this type of SEO, we focus more on making sure that what we have on our website isn’t like spam or irrelevant, so we must have a proper “Keyword Density” which is vital in any content writing.

What is the importance of Backlink? 

A backlink is a link that goes back to your original site. If a person finds something like the information, program, or service on your website and clicks on it then automatically creates a link from your website back to his site!

This is called Backlink.

Is SEO getting more difficult?

In my opinion yes! It is getting more difficult because there are lots of new tools that people use to rank their websites (like Bufferapp etc.). And the scale of your competition is also up, so it’s getting difficult to rank yourself even in smaller markets.

Are SEO and SMO related to each other?

The short answer to this question is NO!

The long answer to this question is that SEO and SMO are more like siblings. They have something in common, but they are so different that it’s impossible for them to be related!

SMO is about how you can promote your website. It focuses on how you can make a buzz about your website and stay in the light when people search for something relevant to your site. It’s all about making sure that people remember you and come back again when they need the same kind of thing.

SEO is really different from SMO. SEO focuses on how you can improve your website’s usability through Google and its crawlers.

In a nutshell:

SEO focuses on how you can improve your website’s usability through Google and its crawlers.

SMO is about how you can promote your website. It focuses on how you can make a buzz about your site and stay in the light when people search for something relevant to your site.

In short, they are totally different, but they both have something in common! They focus on different things, but they both have something in common!



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