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How Can Managers Improve Team Performance?

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How Can Managers Improve Team Performance?

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The task of a manager is difficult. They not only need to build a team but ensure they reach the goal, which requires a constant flow of work and motivation. Thus, leading a team takes work. However, when handled with little care, it is possible to bring efficiency and productivity to the team. Before implementing the tips that we share to boost productivity amongst the team members, hiring team members who are ready to collaborate is a prerequisite. It is easy to work with the right people as it makes it more manageable to help them find the proper direction for their growth and development. After choosing the right team, the managers try the following tips to improve team performance. 

1. Prioritize Well-being 

A person can give their best when their well-being is taken care of. Therefore, prioritizing well–being is a must. The team members should have time to breathe and practice mindfulness. It helps bring calm and creativity, which can bring excellent results to their performance. 

Furthermore, the managers should encourage the team member to take off for wellness days to avoid burnout. However, having the leave information beforehand is crucial to align the day’s activities. A simple message on GBWhatsApp requesting a day off is acceptable too. When the manager gives the team members a comfortable space, they provide them with a space to increase efficiency. 

2. Each Team Member Should Have An Assigned Role 

It is essential to clearly define the roles of each team member based on their unique skills. Clarity of the professional role results in low work overlap, reducing redundancy. Subsequently, it brings productivity. Also, it brings accountability within the team. 

For example, if one is updating new features of WhatsApp Plus, assigning roles like who will work on the features, interface and look will be beneficial. Ultimately, everything can be clubbed together to deliver the project’s final shape. The manager should assign tasks to the team members based on their strengths and weaknesses. 

3. Use The Right Technology

Technological advancement helps bring efficiency to the workflow. The business should have all the required technology to ensure that the employees can use it to complete their tasks on time and efficiently. It reduces the manual work burden and allows the team members to focus on what is essential. 

4. Ensure Proper Communication 

Communication plays a critical role in the productivity of the team. A lack of effective communication can delay a project and result in many problems. As a manager, one should ensure proper communication within the team. A communication gap can result in confusion within the group, impacting the team’s overall productivity. 

Project management tools are a handy way to ensure proper communication within the team. A project management tool helps team members collaborate and reduces communication gaps.

5. Provide Necessary Coaching/Training 

With technological advancement taking place at such an incredible pace, proper coaching and training of the employees are necessary. Regular coaching and training for skill development improve team performance. Many companies that have organized training programs have noticed an increased employee engagement rate. 

It is also recommended to collect regular feedback from the team members to identify the areas that require improvement. 

6. Do Not Micromanage

Micromanagement often results in frequent interruptions, a giant productivity killer. Managers who want their team members to give their best should eliminate micromanagement. Micromanagement annoys the employees, and it results in errors from both sides. Also, it loses the big picture both for the manager and the team members. Other adverse effects of micromanagement are burnout for everyone and an increased employee turnover rate. 

Instead of micromanaging, it is a good idea to hold weekly meetings to check the team member’s progress. Also, one can allocate time for valid interruptions whenever required. 

7. Give Constructive Feedback 

Lastly, the managers should give the team members feedback. However, it is vital to ensure that the feedback is constructive. Only constructive feedback can help in bringing in efficiency among the team members. 

Lastly, it is vital to reward the employees. It motivates the team members to work further hard. An incentive program always does wonders in keeping employees motivated. The manager should ensure that the team celebrates their wins. Also, in case of a loss, the managers should provide the team members with learning lessons to help them perform better in the next project.


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