How can Construction Companies benefit from New Technologies in 2023?

When you work in an industry where being hands-on is key, it may be easy to forget the benefits brought on by technology, which is too often virtual. However, those firms that keep up with the advance of the modern world, do acquire a list of major advantages. They are often enough to separate these companies from the rest, in terms of growth, thanks to their efficiency. Here are two technological tools that should find their way to constructions companies that don't already use them, in the early stages of the new year.

Move on to a VoIP Phone System

There are still companies that haven't made the move towards a VoIP phone system. Most of the bigger ones, though, made the switch a few years ago already, as it saved them a lot of money on their communication monthly bill. But these days, the smaller firms are also choosing this system, as it makes them a lot more efficient, in terms of customer service. This is due in part to the interactive voice response system that can be attached to the central software. Whenever a call comes in, the system itself will respond, in order to try to help the client directly. If it can't, it will still collect sufficient information that will lead to a transfer of the call to the right person inside the company.

The main advantage of such service is that the client will feel like he is being taken care of right away, instead of having to wait in line. Even if he needs to leave a message at the end of the process, he will hang-up feeling like he is one step closer to the resolution of his query. But a VoIP phone system will help the efficiency of a company in many more ways. One of the tasks that it will take on, is to collect information on each call that comes in or that goes out. The accumulation of data will help serve clients better, in the future.

Use a Time Lapse Camera on Construction Sites

This technology is sure to increase the efficiency of any construction company that has more than a single one project that is going on at the same time. It can be difficult for project managers to stay on top of the various sites, without being physically there, on a regular basis. However, with a time lapse camera, they will be able to see the progress of the building, while sitting in their office. It will send a large amount of information to the manager, who can then decide on the course of action that he feels is appropriate, whenever a decision needs to be made. It is also the best way for clients that live abroad to see how the building that they are having built by the construction company, is growing.

Not acknowledging that technology can help a construction company, will be detrimental to managers. Efficiency in our world requires that it comes through technological advances, such as the ones we have mentioned above.

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