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Home Building Trends In 2020

Home Building Trends In 2020

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Home Vendor News Home Building Trends In 2020

Your home—the place you come back to after a long day, your safe haven, the place your family is, is a special space that should be crafted with style, design, and a lot of love.

Designing the interior and exterior of your home requires both creativity and style. Some people may prefer contemporary or classic designs, while others may incorporate various design trends into a single space.

However, if you’re a home design geek, you must be wondering what the home building trends for 2020 are. In this article, we aim to outline precisely that, so let’s get started!

Home Building Trends

These are a few home building trends for 2020.

Industrial and Residential Fusion

The industrial design in residential areas emerged in 2019 and is here to stay for another year as well. It consists of asymmetrical forms in construction and architectural design and combining various textures, such as wood, metal, plastic, etc. It is also characterized by the absence of surface elements and simple lines.

Open Floor Plans and a Multipurpose Space

Open plans and multipurpose spaces have become quite integral in Aurora new homes these days. The idea to integrate various spaces in the home to create a multipurpose space is practical for a big family or a small space.

While the integration of the kitchen and living room has been the most common, there are also integrations of the living room and bedroom and the living room and terrace to create more space.

Bathroom As Spa Oasis

Over the years, self-care has become a hot topic that many people regard religiously. In this regard, the bathroom is not just a space for personal care but also a space for relaxation after a tiring day. People look to disconnect from the world with a long shower or bath and release all their stress.

Now, people can avail of a bathroom-turned-spa-oasis that they can have in their home, thanks to today’s design trends. The combination of light and subtle colors, textures of wood and stone, and indoor plants in the area are major trends for bathroom designs these days.

Smart Homes

Technology has become an integral part of our lives. Our homes are not any different, either. In 2020, automated systems and smart homes that control light, temperature, security, etc. are in demand.

A smart home provides more comfort and luxury. With automated temperature and light settings, homeowners save on their utility costs and save the world’s resources.

Minimalist Homes

Minimalism is a way of life that many people have embraced over the years. The concept of using only the things that are really required in simple forms is attractive to many. This trend has translated into a contemporary Aurora new homes’ design that various residential and commercial spaces demand.

The Minimalist design trend incorporates quality materials, offers acoustic and thermal insulation, and aims for environmental and economic benefits.

Glass Curtains

Another home design trend is glass enclosures without profiles or glass curtains that allow you to enjoy the outdoors all year round. You may open up the glass curtains when the weather is good, enjoy your outdoor space no matter how big or small, have portable stoves, and host gatherings.

More Light, Less Noise

Most people consider noise as a pollutant. This is why various architectural projects are conducted, keeping this in mind. These architectural projects then use materials and distributions such that noise is minimized inside the building.

Moreover, architectural projects these days try to incorporate natural light in the building as much as possible. Furthermore, some trends include artificial lighting so that it looks natural, either with indirect warm light or with foci stolen between furniture.

More White

The color white has become more of a protagonist in modern interior design. White, combined with other colors, such as black, gray, or mustard, adds eccentricity and class to any space. When used on floors and walls, it adds luminosity to the rooms and gives the look of a bigger space.

Moreover, it also reflects all the light received; therefore, it is perfect for dark rooms. When used in tiles and floorings, white adds an aesthetic appeal all on its own.

Sun Rooms

Sunrooms have always been considered as an escape from the advanced living rooms and focus more on leisure. The new trends focus on using the room as a convertible patio or a dining room. If you live in a colder climate, you would have to think about heating options like fireplaces or baseboard heating.

Unlimited Combinations

This year, the market is all about risky combinations in colors and styles. When appropriately combined, various materials, shapes, and colors can become a masterpiece. However, this requires a deep sense of design and style and a whole lot of experience!

Wrapping Up

In this article, we outlined various home building design trends of 2020.

The list included various design trends, such as industrial and residential fusion, open plans and multipurpose space, bathroom as spa oasis, smart homes, minimalist homes, glass curtains, more light, less noise, more white, sunrooms, and unlimited combinations.

You may have a professional designer design your home for you according to the design trend you prefer, or you can check out aurora new homes for their smart homes, luxurious amenities, and appealingly attractive streetscapes.




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