Green Building Smart Ideas For Eco-Friendly C&M

Green building construction and management increases property value by 7%, as well as lowers maintenance costs by as much as 20%. In fact, green building retrofits typically slash operation costs by 10% in just one year. Fortunately, constructing or retrofitting properties with eco-friendly materials and features doesn’t have to be complicated. By opting for energy-efficient roofing, cleaning products, and appliances, you can make your buildings better for the environment, health, and your wallet.

Green roofing 

More than just being responsible for building insulation, the right roofing can also help slash your carbon footprint. By installing light-colored materials on the roof, for example, you can better ensure it deflects the sun and therefore cuts cooling bills. Dark-colored roofing materials, on the other hand, absorb more of the sun’s heat, which in turn potentially increases cooling costs during warmer months. Moreover, in multi-family buildings with larger roofs, rooftop gardens are another effective eco-friendly solution that helps lower energy consumption. The shade generated by the plants essentially reduces heat flow while increasing precipitation, therefore further lowering temperatures and improving air quality.

Smart cleaning

Commercial building cleaning is a key part of property maintenance to ensure all spaces are kept clean, safe, and tidy at all times. Commercial cleaning is also particularly important in high-risk areas like kitchens and bathrooms as lingering germs, bacteria, and viruses have the potential to cause serious health issues. Where possible, green cleaning products can also be used to best protect health and safety. Conventional cleaning products often contain Volatile organic compounds (VOC), for example, which negatively harm both indoor and outdoor air and cause asthma, headaches, eye and throat irritation, and even cancer. Alternatively, green cleaning products typically contain non-toxic, biodegradable, and phosphate- and fragrance-free ingredients, and therefore pose fewer health risks.

Energy-saving appliances

Energy Star-certified building materials and appliances have so far saved consumers over $362 billion on utility costs and 2.5 billion tons of greenhouse gasses in total. So, for example, by replacing old dishwashers with newer models, you can also save ample energy and money. Dishwashers older than 20 years old typically waste an extra 10 gallons of water during each cycle, whereas new dishwashers prevent water waste thanks to energy-efficient rack designs. In fact, new models typically don’t even require you to rinse dishes beforehand, in turn saving up to 55,000 gallons of water. Alternatively, Energy Star washers and dryers are also a sustainable choice: these units save 25% on electricity costs, while also using 33% less water. Since the average family in the United States does around 300 loads of laundry per year, energy-efficient models generate ample savings. Be sure to also recycle your old appliances rather than simply just throwing them away to avoid creating more waste.

Green buildings are better for the environment, health, and people’s wallets. By opting for energy-efficient roofing, cleaning products, and appliances, you can make your buildings more sustainable and reap the benefits.

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