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Get Professional Results with Commercial Power Tools

Get Professional Results with Commercial Power Tools

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For those that like to engage in DIY projects or repair things themselves, power tools usually come in handy. The same goes for artists or freelancers that use power tools for various reasons.

If you are using power tools but are not getting the results you would like, then maybe it is time to get some commercial ones. These are power tools used by professionals and often for substantial work.

There is a reason why professionals use them and that is because they are precise, reliable and economical among other things. They will help you achieve the results you would like in your projects.
The issue is that there are so many tools that it may be difficult to decide which ones to get. The following are some of the vital commercial tools you should get for professional results:

Hammer Drills

A hammer drill is a type of rotary hammer. Rotary hammers are typically used to crush brittle materials into ash when they are needed in that form A hammer drill works by battering the substance underneath it with countless thrusts. They will beat down on even the hardest materials for hundreds of times a second. You can use them for DIY projects that include masonry. Hammer drills will not only improve efficiency but the results will also be better.

Cordless Drill

Drilling is a part of almost every DIY project. However, most DIYers use manual drills which are time-consuming and not the best alternative. They should use a cordless drill instead which works using rechargeable batteries. Cordless drills are very versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks including making furniture and plastering walls. The precision of a cordless drill is much better than a manual one and will result in much better work. It also reduces your working time significantly.

Drill Presses

Another commercial power tool that can help you with your work is a drill press. A drill press is a machine that holds and presses on an object while you drill it. A drill press is a great tool to have especially when you cannot use your hands efficiently. You can take a look at some of these drill presses. You should buy one that suits the work that you do. A potent advantage of using a drill press is that it spares you the task of having to hold down an object, for example, a piece of wood. The result is excellent accuracy for your work.


Cutting is also an essential component of most DIY projects. There are many options as far as tools for cutting are concerned including jigsaws. For the best results in artistic creations or DIY work, an electric jigsaw is a vital tool. You can make zigzag, straight, or round cuts, or any other fashion you would like. Electric jigsaws will usually be used to cut wooden and metallic materials. Moreover, the cuts you make will be smooth and devoid of splinters.

Orbit Sanders

When creating or fixing things around the house, you will often find surfaces that need to be repaired. Most times, it requires surfaces to be smoothened, particularly wooden ones. Manually using sandpaper is the option most people choose with often undesirable results. An orbit sander is a commercial tool that can give you the results you desire. It is a machine that contains spherical bodies rotated by electricity or compressed air. The bodies are covered by sandpaper which smoothens any surface placed against it using abrasion.
The small round rotations are fast and you can change the sanders depending on the material. You will probably use orbit sanders for small surfaces but they can handle substantial ones as well.

 Angle Grinders

Another commercial tool you can use at home for better results in DIY projects is an angle grinder. It is a tool that is mainly used for cutting and grinding or polishing hard surfaces. They are powered by electricity or powered air as well. However, there are some that can use petrol which is a more dangerous alternative.
You will typically use an angle grinder to smooth and polish a surface when an orbit sander fails. The angle grinders with incredible speed are also used as sanders. When doing creative work or simply decorating an object around the house, an angle grinder will help remove excess material. You will have to change the disc on the grinder depending on the material.
There are many more commercial tools that you can adopt for your work at home. The result will be professional looking work. You should always remember that safety is key when using tools and take adequate measures.


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