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Floorings You Should Never Choose For Your House

Floorings You Should Never Choose For Your House

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One question that I hear a lot is “What type of floorings should we not choose?”
This is one of the most important questions that really needs to be answered.
The reason is if you are installing floors it’s essential that you know the pros and cons of it as well!!!
So in this article, I’ll be talking about the floorings which you should not choose and also I’ll be giving you the reasons for such!!
Choosing the right flooring is not a small deal. You are going to invest quite a big amount for this. So taking proper decisions is a must for you!!
As you are going to live with these floorings for many years. You really need to know whether these floorings will be durable in the long run or not.
Before you jump into flooring work, there are few things that you need to keep in mind.

  • The cost of the floorings.
  • The budget that suits you.
  • The style you are looking for.
  • The durability and reliability of your flooring.
  • Requirements you need for installation.

Types of Flooring That Can Be A Headache

Floorings reflect your personality and your taste of fashion. But just to stay fashionable and trendy you shouldn’t be choosing floors that can’t fulfill the purpose of your installation.
It’s utmost important that you know whether the floorings that you trust are worthy of your trust or not!!!
So now through this article, you’ll be able to grasp the ideas about the types of floorings that can be a pain.

1.    Hardwood Flooring.

Indeed, hardwood flooring makes your home look like a bliss. And it surely is trending in the market now. But just because it’s gorgeous and striking that doesn’t mean it has no flaws.
Compared to any other flooring types, hardwood floorings are one of the most expensive of all. And even if we put the cost out of the table. There are other drawbacks that bring it to the spotlight. These easily get damaged to water. That is when water or moisture gets trapped inside the flooring, slowly the hardwood starts deteriorating.
Hardwoods can also develop dents and scratches over time. And this can be an issue because the elegance of these floorings get compromised.
So think before you go for these floorings!!!

2.   Laminate Flooring.

These sort of floorings can be an option for many due to its beautiful textures and designs. It’s a synthetic product with different layers and is also easy to clean.
But it also can be a headache for many homeowners. Because it’s prone to moisture damage. That is if moisture gets trapped inside the floors, it really would be a challenge to stop it from getting damaged. And also if by any change the floors get cracked or dented then it will be like adding oil to fire as it’s very difficult to repair.
These are also not very suitable for kitchens and bathrooms because these are the places where the chances of water getting trapped is high. Thus can result in damaging of the floors.

3.   Porcelain Or Ceramic Flooring.

These floorings are loved by many because of their durability and designs. Ceramic and porcelain are elegant options for high-traffic and moisture-prone areas in your home.
But even these beauty trends have got shortfalls!! These floorings are quite expensive and can be a financial challenge for many. Ceramic or porcelain floorings are very difficult to get installed. As they are manufactured with very heavy materials. So it will give a crack to the bones for those who install it.
And moreover, heavy uses can put a lot of pressure on these floors. Resulting in cracks and scratches. You really wouldn’t love to see scratches or cracks on your expensive floorings.

4.   Natural Stone Flooring.

Natural Stone floorings are for those who love those classic flooring options. These consist of materials like marble, graphite, travertine and sandstone.
But beauty comes with flaws!!!
These beautiful floors will take a lot of your care if you want these to stay maintained. Moreover, these flooring options can rattle your pockets because of its high rates. Even more these can easily get chipped or scratched.
Furthermore, the repairing costs can be skyrocketing and these floors are porous as well. That means it’s permeable to fluids, so if water gets inside these floors, you might get to see their ugly sides!!!
So, think wisely before you go for it!!

5.   Carpets Flooring.

Carpets can be one of the most reliable options for many homeowners. Because these are cost efficient and can easily be changed. If you go for good qualities and designs. These can also make your home look elegant.
But these can easily absorb smell and that can really give out odour. Even these are very difficult to maintain as it requires a complete professional cleaning at least once in a year.
That’s not all if you have pets inside your home then cleaning these carpets can turn out to be a nightmare!!! And if you have these carpets near your kitchen or bathrooms then it’s very unlikely for these to last long.
You really need to think over this matter of carpet flooring!!!

6.   Concrete Flooring.

Definitely, concrete flooring is one of the best options for anyone. These require low maintenance and come in various designs and textures. A little mopping and care is all these floorings need.
But even these have certain outcomes that can upset you. Concrete floorings are very hard and some can find it really uncomfortable. Moisture can also be an issue for these floorings. Beneath the surface it can get damp due to the moisture migrating and eventually can get damaged.
Cracking can even be a major issue for such floors. Although these are very hard and composite but with time it’ll surely show cracks. This is because these large slabs endures temperature changes and moisture.
So I highly recommend thinking over this flooring option before you install it!!!
Hope this article will now help you to know the kinds of flooring that you should avoid for your home.


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