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Fire Safety: Make Sure Business Is Safe For Employees

Fire Safety: Make Sure Business Is Safe For Employees

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Any fire that takes place in your workplace can have a devastating effect on your business, employees, and even on you as a business owner. You will be completely in shock if you are not prepared and will have no idea what you should do next. To make sure that you are well-prepared in case such an event were to happen, then you must know first how to prevent fires in the workplace. The employees need to be trained in case of emergencies.
There are usually two causes of fires in the workplace. These are either due to negligence or due to a piece of faulty equipment. Most of the fires take place due to an accident. Equipment that has not been checked for a very long time and has deteriorated over time, can cause a fire. These include frayed cords or worn-out wires that can increase the chances of causing a spark that will eventually lead to a fire. Though of course, no one starts a fire on purpose, the after-effects of it can be devastating. Furthermore, when you do realize that you could have taken the right precaution to prevent the fire, you will feel worse about it.

Best Practices To Help Prevent Fire In Workplace

To ensure that you make the best efforts to prevent fires in the workplace you need to prepare yourself and the staff. Below are some of the practices you can follow to keep your workplace safe from fire.

Follow The Fire Codes

Every community has a fire code that is set in place by the authorities of that country. You need to set the same standards in your business location. These guidelines include emergency exit lights, fire extinguishers, and so on. Setting up commercial fire alarm systems is mandatory. You can also take some extra precautions for your business as and when you deem fit. For example, if you have a restaurant or hotel, then you can display the map of the place with the escape routes clearly stated for the customers to see. Some of these rules are mandatory for all operational businesses. The regulatory bodies often inspect to ensure that you have followed the guidelines and secured the safety of your employees and guests. If they spot anything that you overlooked and that could be a potential danger for your employees, then you could even face a fine.

Selecting Correct Fire Extinguisher

Having fire extinguishers is vital in the workplace. If you are following the local fire code, then you will probably even already have fire extinguishers in your workplace. However, to be able to buy them or use them properly you need to have some information about them. There are three types of fire extinguishers. The best one to invest in is the multi-purpose types that can be used in offices, vehicles, and break rooms. If you have hazardous chemicals stored in your workplace or any other highly inflammable material, then you will need a stronger one. To be completely sure about your purchase, you can also contact your local fire department or stores that sell this equipment. They can help you to identify the right extinguisher for your business. Sometimes you may be underestimating the danger and not take the right precautions.

Staff Training On Fire Safety

You may be taking all the precautions by keeping the relevant fire safety equipment, signs, boards, and so on, but without proper training the employees on how to use them, it will all be worthless in times of an emergency. Your employees should be able to actively use the tools that are made available to them in case of a fire emergency. A small fire can easily be put out by a fire extinguisher. Train your employees on how to operate them effectively so that smaller fires can be contained. They should also be proactive in calling the fire department if the fire seems to be getting bigger and not wait or panic. They must be well-versed with a plan on how to keep themselves and the customers safe.

Keep Safety Equipment Accessible

Maintain safety standards for your employees to follow. If you have employees who work with equipment that can lead to sparks or fire outbreaks, then you have to make it a point that they keep the slow and surrounding area of any flammable material. Hold training repeatedly once every few months to refresh the minds of your employees regarding fire safety drills. All the new employees should be educated on fire prevention. Keep evacuation plans ready and handy for everyone i.e. your employees and your customers. In case of a fire, your employees must know how to get away from the fire quickly. This plan should also include headcounts and safe meeting points. Have a practice drill at least once a year with your employees.

Check All Equipment And Wiring

Keep your business workplace clean and clutter-free. Make sure that the trash is thrown away at least once a day and all the bins have been emptied. If your workplace has flammable materials like wood shavings and so on, then make it a point that your employees dispose of them every day. Smoking should be allowed in the outdoor areas only that are away from grass or any other dry items. Inflammable items must be stored with extra caution and all the equipment and machinery should be checked regularly. Your fire extinguishers too should be checked every year by experts to make sure that they are in good working condition. There are also methods that you can learn to check the status of your fire extinguisher.
As a business owner, you must take the responsibility of ensuring that the employees are ready and prepared to respond to any fire breakthroughs. This way you do not have to figure out everything by yourself but with a team effort, you might be able to save yourself from any huge losses.


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