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FilzFelt Launches Mosaik, a Custom Acoustic Wall Tile

FilzFelt Launches Mosaik, a Custom Acoustic Wall Tile

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FilzFelt, an industry leader in sustainable acoustic products that feature 100% Wool Design Felt, introduces Mosaik, an acoustic wall application that uses automation to customize and assemble mosaics from any source of inspiration. Mosaik patterns, large and small, are created with 2” individual square tiles—available in over ninety colors of Wool Felt—that are designed to fit together seamlessly for simple and straightforward installation.

Mosaik was developed in partnership with Artaic. Based in Boston, the team at Artaic specializes in creating and fabricating custom mosaics through an innovative approach that combines traditional mosaic techniques with modern design tools and automation.

Unique Reuse
FilzFelt is passionate about sustainability and the use of natural materials. 100% Wool Design Felt is a nonwoven textile made from sheep’s wool, water, and plant-based textile dyes, making it biodegradable with the ability to be commercially composted. FilzFelt is entirely landfill-free; offcut material is donated and available for purchase on the website.

Sharing the FilzFelt passion for sustainability, the team at Artaic cleverly explored an innovative solution for repurposing felt offcuts as a new product. The outcome is Mosaik, a customizable wall tile that combines the sound-softening magic of pure wool felt, the tradition of centuries-old mosaic craft, and the modern technology behind Artaic. Mosaik is assembled from felt left over from architectural product manufacturing.

Image Courtesy of FilzFelt

Introducing Five Mosaik Designs by Kelly Harris Smith
FilzFelt celebrates the launch of Mosaik with the introduction of five designs by Boston-based designer Kelly Harris Smith. When piecing together designs using Mosaik, Kelly drew inspiration from both traditional textile patterns and those of German textile artist Anni Albers. Her collection of sound-absorbing designs includes an array of playful patterns that
put a new spin on the ancient art of mosaics. The collection is Kelly Harris Smith’s fifth collaboration with FilzFelt.

Checker puts a contemporary twist on a classic motif; The timeless textile pattern Gingham finds a new home as a completely customizable acoustic wallcovering; Twill, has the appearance of a woven fabric; Waffle playfully combines up to four colors with visual depth and dimension; Weave features a bold pattern of intersecting and overlapping colors.

All five designs are completely customizable using any of the more than ninety colors of 100% pure wool felt available from FilzFelt.

Learn more about Mosaik at

About Artaic
Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Artaic specializes in creating and fabricating custom mosaics through an innovative approach that combines traditional mosaic techniques with
modern design tools and automation. Using robotic technology and its proprietary design software, Artaic customizes and assembles mosaics from any source of inspiration.
Artaic was founded in 2007 by Dr. Ted Acworth, a trained mechanical engineer with a Ph.D. from Stanford and a postdoctoral from MIT, where he also earned a Sloan Fellowship
in Innovation and Global Leadership. Ted’s appreciation for the artisanal craft led him to approach the art form through the lens of technology. His unique manufacturing process
sits heavily on a tech-centric approach to solving a universal design industry challenge: increasing design flexibility while decreasing lead times and costs.

About Kelly Harris Smith
Kelly Harris Smith is an award-winning designer and creative director specializing in natural and sustainable materials in commercial and residential interior design. By balancing
intricacy and simplicity, Kelly’s designs are distinctive for their pattern, color, and innovative functionality. Whether she’s creating small accessories or large interior architecture
installations, Kelly begins her design process with a thoughtful analysis of how people will interact with the product or environment.

About FilzFelt
FilzFelt is an industry leader in sustainable acoustic products that feature 100% Wool Design Felt, available in over ninety colors. Collaborating with talented designers worldwide, FilzFelt
combines high-performing materials and craftsmanship to create architectural products that are both highly customizable and sustainable.

FilzFelt uses the natural fiber wool, harvested from sheep. Sheep’s wool is regarded for its crimped, elastic fibers that are easily felted to form a fabric that cannot be pulled apart.
This translates into durability, excellent dyeability, resistance to flame and compression, and thermal and sound insulation.

Feature Image Courtesy of FilzFelt


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