Facts you should know about head lice

Lice are very ancient insects. People have suffered from lice since ancient times: dried lice have been found on Egyptian and Indian mummies. The first mentions of them can be found as far back as Aristotle (about 2500 years ago).
You must agree that in order to maintain the species for centuries, you need to have a high resistance to adverse conditions. Evolution has provided lice with everything they need to survive.
Lice cannot jump or fly
Lice move very quickly, which facilitates their spread from host to host, even with very brief head-to-head contact.
Lice have a fantastic ability to reproduce. An adult female louse lays 5 to 10 eggs per day. The tiny 0.8-mm eggs (nits) are firmly attached to the hair at the root with a special waterproof sticky substance. The louse eggs are covered with a chitinous shell. After 7-8 days, larvae hatch from the eggs.
After another 9-12 days, adult, sexually mature lice emerge from the larvae. Two to three days after fertilization, the female begins to lay eggs again. Adult lice resemble brownish-gray crab beetles the size of sesame seeds. They move quickly. 
Lice are not a sign of poor hygiene
Lice are very strong on the hair. In order to prevent lice from falling from the hair of the host while washing and combing the hair, head lice use their 6 hooked clawed legs to cling firmly to the hair and are very difficult to remove.
Head lice are not transmitted from dogs and cats
Lice need certain conditions to live like temperature and the ability to feed on blood every 2-3 hours. And it is human "luck" to possess the ideal conditions for lice to exist
Head lice are characterized by the following features:

  • Increasing itching, which leads to significant wounds and scratching;
  • Increased irritability, sleep disturbance;
  • Tangling, brittleness, and dry hair;
  • The appearance of allergic rashes on the face and other parts of the body;
  • The presence of reddish spots from bites on the scalp.

Constant scratching - especially behind the ears or on the neck - is a sure sign that you need to investigate. Also, if something is moving or tickling your hair, you should take a closer look. Finally, if you notice small open wounds on your head while bathing, it's a good idea to get checked out. 
Some visual signs of a lice infestation include: 
See nits or small white lice eggs that look like dandruff in your hair. They stick to the roots and shaft of the hair. The white substances in the hair are often mistaken for nits. Many people often mistake nits for dandruff, hair gel, shampoo residue, dust, or even glitter.
Detecting live insects on the scalp. To check for lice, comb your hair with a fine comb, especially behind the ears or at the base of the neck.
If the disease is not treated, under the influence of the products of lice, the hair is bunched into tangles. Against a background of reduced immunity another infection joins, pyoderma, eczemas occur, lymph nodes enlarge, and fever may rise.
Faced with a lice problem, you need to look for urgent solutions to the problem. However, there is little you can do if you have no idea where to get such help.
There are lice treatment centers or clinics all over America. Everywhere from Gainesville to Central Illinois and from Springfield and Nashville to Fort Worth. You just have to find the one closest to you.
Should I go to a lice treatment center?
When faced with a lice situation, it's only natural that you want to get the situation under control. Doing nothing will only cause the lice problem to spread to other family members.
Methods for treating lice with your own hands are quite popular. However, the results obtained are not so encouraging.
Lice treatment centers are places where you can find qualified medical professionals. These professionals know what it takes to fight a lice problem.
So if you suddenly wondered "Where to find lice treatment near me" then these centers are to help you!  You can find all the help you need once you find a lice treatment center that is reputable to you.

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