ePropertyCare & Torrey Factory Lofts Partnership

ePropertyCare, a smart-building technology company bringing Internet of Things (IoT) services into the rental and multi-housing property market, today announced its partnership with Torrey Factory Lofts. Through the partnership, ePropertyCare is installing its building protection and automation solution in Worcester’s newest market-rate apartment complex to increase resident, landlord and contractor safety during the ongoing pandemic and beyond. The ePropertyCare platform allows landlords and property managers to remotely protect, monitor and control properties over the cellular network without requiring building WiFi. In the current climate, this has the added benefit of minimizing in-person interactions that can spread COVID-19.

“We have taken an abandoned, 130-year old historic building that was an eyesore in the neighborhood and transformed it into a modern, luxurious and vibrant multi-unit apartment complex that provides much-needed housing for the quickly growing studio and one-bedroom market segment in Worcester,” said Tim Adler, development partner at Torrey Factory Lofts. “With ePropertyCare, we aren’t just renovating the building, we are providing every tenant with state-of-the-art technology that ensures immediate response to any issues that could arise.”

 ePropertyCare provides remote services for security, access control, video, water leak protection, temperature monitoring and more for large multi-dwelling units. The technology also facilitates contactless repairs and maintenance with smart locks, allowing property managers to create limited-use codes for contractors to perform 'no contact' repairs.  Additionally, property managers can receive alerts if water leaks or temperature extremes are detected, thereby getting ahead of maintenance issues before damage occurs, better protecting the building and reducing time for repairs. This also allows units in the complex to be protected even if they are vacant.

“As both the developer and property manager of Torrey Factory Lofts, we are in a unique position to take steps and implement technology during the building process that make life easier for us and the tenants once construction is complete,” continued Adler. “Whether it’s stopping a water leakage issue before it poses a problem or changing building and apartment access codes at a moment’s notice to ensure tenant safety, the ePropertyCare technology provides peace of mind for all involved.”

The ePropertyCare platform operates over the cellular network and allows landlords and property managers to remotely monitor and control the property through their cell phone, thereby avoiding in-person interactions, which has been extremely useful in the age of COVID-19 and the accompanying social distancing measures.  ePropertyCare also allows property managers to set one-time codes for maintenance workers to use at the set time of arrival to enter the building and make repairs. Residents and landlords do not have to be present and are put at ease knowing this single-use code will only grant the necessary temporary access.

“We are thrilled to work with Tim and his spectacular team to implement our technology into their newest project,” said ePropertyCare Co-Founder and CEO, Charles Hadsell. “Not only will this elevate the tenant-property manager relationship at Torrey Factory Lofts, it will also create the safest possible environment from both a security and pandemic perspective.”

“For all the benefits ePropertyCare provides to property managers, it’s equally appreciated by the tenants,” said Adler. “No one ever worries about getting locked out of their apartment, and they take comfort in knowing the property is secure.”


ePropertyCare brings smart home technology into the rental property market with a strong focus on landlords, developers and property managers. ePropertyCare provides security, access control, video monitoring and other smart building solutions that scale from single-family units to large multi-dwelling complexes.

ePropertyCare is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. For more information on ePropertyCare, visit them on Facebook or find them online at https://epropertycare.com.


Torrey Factory Lofts is a 47 apartment building expected to welcome residents in Spring 2021.  More information can be found at https://torreyfactorylofts.com/

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