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5 Versatile Uses of Granite in Modern Construction

5 Versatile Uses of Granite in Modern Construction

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Home Vendor News 5 Versatile Uses of Granite in Modern Construction

Numerous components used in construction today are natural materials mined from the Earth. Sure, science has given rise to a wide range of synthetic alternatives over the centuries. Most of them have their places in the building and other industries, but only a handful have been able to withstand the test of time and truly prove their value. In the end, people keep returning to the very materials created by natural means because they’re the ones virtually guaranteed to survive the elements.
Granite happens to be one of those popular organic alternatives. Formed by cooling lava, this type of rock has been used for millennia to build some of the most breathtaking structures known to man. Available in numerous colors and patterns, it’s also commonly used in various aspects of modern-day construction.
1) Flooring
From museums and other public arenas to high-end homes, granite is a popular material for flooring. Two basic finishes are used for granite floors: polished and honed. While the latter is glossy and typically used for low-traffic areas, the latter has less sheen and is often recommended for floors subjected to high traffic levels. Either way, granite flooring can last a lifetime and doesn’t crumble under pressure like some other materials can.
2) Countertops
Though granite is inherently a strong material, it can be sealed to add greater strength and durability. After being sealed, it provides a non-porous surface that’s impervious to dents, dings, scratches, stains, and germs. This makes it perfect for kitchen and bathroom countertops. They can be used continually without succumbing to time and damage. As long as they’re resealed from time to time, all they need is a thorough wipe-down with warm soapy water or antibacterial spray after each use to retain their luster and beauty.
3) Staircases
Due to its durability, beauty, and longevity, granite is a wonderful material for staircases. It’ll hold up well to decades of traffic and other types of abuse. While polished and honed granite is typically used for indoor staircases, flamed and brushed varieties are more suitable for outdoor use. Brushed granite, in particular, offers a bit of a rougher surface, so it’s less slippery during wet or icy weather.
4) Fireplaces
Yet another reason homeowners often consult with a Granite Company is for fireplace surrounds. As mentioned, this type of rock doesn’t succumb to scratches or stains, so firewood, fireplace tools, and constant use won’t phase it. Granite won’t be damaged by heat and flying embers, either. Whether being placed around a gas or wood fireplace, granite can easily hold up to the demands placed on it.
5) Exterior Walls
Granite has been used for exterior cladding for millennia. Smooth slabs give buildings a modern, refined look whereas rough blocks offer a more rustic appeal. Slabs tend to need occasional refinishing and resealing, but both options provide beautiful, long-lasting exterior finishes for homes and other structures. Though veneers resembling the appearance of granite are available, they don’t offer the same levels of longevity and durability as the real element.
All Things Considered
Granite is the medium from which numerous age-old structures have been fashioned. Georgia’s Stone Mountain, Mount Rushmore and portions of the Great Pyramids are only a few past examples. From globally recognized monuments to household architectural elements, this stone is a strong, attractive material that’s suitable for several applications. It’s available in a wide range of colors, so it melds well with virtually any interior decor or outdoor design scheme. Whether covering your home’s exterior or renovating the bathroom, consider making granite part of the picture.


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