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Environment Friendly Ways To Discard Project Waste

Environment Friendly Ways To Discard Project Waste

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Construction waste refers to the waste material produced while constructing a building. It is inevitable because of the nature of construction work. Construction waste can be heavy, cumbersome, and difficult to dispose of. And if it isn’t managed properly, it can harm the environment in more ways than one. Here are tips for getting rid of construction waste in an environmentally friendly way.

Hire A Service Provider

It is the easiest and most effective way to get rid of construction waste. Hiring a service provider to cart off your waste will save you time, money, and labor. Plus you can relax knowing that it’s being disposed of properly and not in an environmentally hazardous fashion such as dumping or open burning. There are plenty of bin hire service providers out there. All you have to do is find one and sign a contract. The company will send someone to take care of your waste for you. Here are factors to look out for when choosing a service provider: 

Experience And Capacity

Look for a service provider with an excellent reputation and plenty of experience. They should have a long history in the industry. The company should be well equipped to handle various types of waste, not just construction waste. Reading reviews from previous clients is a good way to determine if the contractor you’re considering hiring has this capability. 


As with any purchase, you want to get the best value for your money. A reputable service provider will offer competitive rates and flexible payment options such as monthly billing. It offers the best of both worlds – good price and convenience. 


The service provider should be available when you need them. Check if they’re open on weekends, national holidays, and late at night. A service that offers flexible scheduling will go a long way to save you time and money. You can even request bulk pick-up or extended payment terms without having to worry about penalties or extra charges. 

Hire A Competent Lessee For Construction Equipment

Another green method for getting rid of construction waste is to hire a competent lessee. Construction equipment such as loaders, graders, and bulldozers are necessary in order to build sites for new projects or refurbish existing ones. They must be disposed of carefully when finished with because they contain hazardous materials. A lessee can accept responsibility for the safe disposal of this equipment by leasing it to a third party who is able to recycle construction site materials, including heavy construction equipment.

Destroy Large And Heavy Materials Onsite

Large and heavy materials are difficult to dispose of properly because doing so requires special handling. These include concrete slabs, tree trunks, and soil. If they’re destined for the landfill, these materials will take up a lot of room and weigh down trash levels at the dumpsite. To save money and to reduce waste going to landfills, it’s best if you can destroy large and heavy construction waste materials onsite instead. You can hire a company that provides mobile crushing and screening services to do the job for you.

Destroy Small And Light Materials Onsite

Small and light materials can be disposed of in a landfill because they take up very little space. The downside is that it takes more trips to transport them in order to dispose of them properly. You can save time and money by destroying these types of waste onsite. There are companies that provide small demolition services such as the removal of metal, wood, and plastic materials. They can provide recycling services, too. 

Destroy Construction Waste At Specialized Facilities

Another way to destroy construction debris and hazardous materials are to bring them to specialized facilities that handle such waste safely. These include landfill sites with permits for the disposal of hazardous materials. The problem is that these facilities charge a lot for accepting construction waste so you might end up paying more than it’s worth to dispose of them there.

Contact Your Local Waste Management Authority

A green way to get rid of construction waste is to contact your local waste management authority. These agencies may be able to pick up such wastes for free or at very little cost. They can even provide names and numbers of contractors that are licensed and authorized to transport, store and handle hazardous materials. However, the downside is that waste management authorities generally do not deal with small or light materials so you might have to hire a third party if your waste is not substantial. 

If you want to get rid of construction waste in an environmentally friendly manner, then your best bet is to hire a company that provides services such as mobile crushing and recycling. These companies handle hazardous materials the right way and they’re also capable of handling small and light materials. Other options include contacting your local waste management authority or even destroying your waste materials yourself on site.


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