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Ensure electrical safety at your commercial premises

Ensure electrical safety at your commercial premises

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The importance of electrical maintenance services?

Workplace and occupational health and safety is amongst the most important considerations for any commercial organization.
Ensuring electrical safety at commercial premises though regular and quality electrical maintenance services is essential. Electrical faults, from wires, cables or malfunctioning equipment, can cause damage, harm, injury and even death. Whether the fault can cause electrical shocks to employees, electrocution, or a fire, a safe workplace should have the appropriate measurements and precautions to ensure such preventable accidents do not occur.

How do you ensure commercial electrical safety?

  1.  Engage an appropriately qualified electrical maintenance company

Getting professional, regular electrical maintenance services is an important first step to ensuring safety in the workplace. An appropriately qualified, licensed and experienced company will ensure that risks are minimized, faults are detected and all electrical systems are functioning properly and safely.
Make sure you take the time to conduct due diligence on the company you’re considering. Ensure they have a reputable, reliable team and have the relevant Australian standard qualifications, industry  licenses  and accreditations to conduct electrical maintenance services, repair work and new equipment installations.

  1.  Use circuit breakers

Circuit breakers are an effective safety measure against overloaded and/or unprotected power circuits. Without the right breaker or fuse, your system could be at risk from overheating or major malfunctions.

  1.  Proper tagging

The tagging of electrical equipment, wires, cables and other potentially hazardous objects is a practical method of keeping tabs on what electrical components or systems have been serviced, checked and declared safe. Electrical equipment needs to be regularly tested and checked to ensure that there are no dangerous situations which can be rectified. Implementing an Australian standards compliant tagging system will help everyone keep tabs with what’s going on.
There’s a conscious awareness benefit as well. Regular exposure to electrical tagging will remind employees and visitors of electrical safety needs. Raising awareness of the importance of commercial electrical safety will encourage employees to look out for and speak up if they come across faulty electrical equipment themselves.
Warning labels on flammable materials and tags indicating proper, safe use of these materials is also an important way to ensure everyone’s safety.

  1.  Update your electrical framework

Older buildings without outdated electrical frameworks are more prone to causing power outages. Aside from being disruptive and frustrating to a business, power outages can be dangerous as well. They directly increase the likelihood of accidents and injuries. Ensure your electrical maintenance services provider checks your electrical framework to see if it needs updating or rewiring.

  1.  Check for faulty equipment

This preventative measure is not just in reference to malfunctioning wires, though the risk of fires is of utmost importance. Your electrical contractor should ensure that regular inspections and servicing of all electrical equipment is carried out on time and to Australian standards.  Any malfunctioning or faulty wiring or equipment can then be detected and repaired as soon as possible.

Stay safe with electrical maintenance services

It’s hard to emphasize enough just how important electrical safety is, especially for commercial premises. Our world is only becoming more digital, thus electricity dependent, so our corresponding awareness of and dedication to electrical safety needs to increase proportionally.
Understanding the risks and improving awareness around electrical safety goes a long way to helping prevent any workplace safety concerns for you, your employees and visitors to your business.
Everyone deserves to work in a safe environment where they can concentrate on being productive and happy. Don’t wait until tomorrow; get in touch with an electrical maintenance services provider, like Resolve Technical Solutions today to find out they can assist your business.



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