ELEMENTAL Hardwoods Educational Online Resource

Elemental Hardwoods, a national supplier of exotic hardwood flooring products, has launched a new educational website (www.ElementalHardwoods.com) to inform contractors, homeowners, distributors and wholesalers about the value, beauty and efficacy of the “lesser known” tropical hardwoods currently available in today’s marketplace. This includes detailed information ranging from aesthetics to specification features that highlight many of the finest, long-lasting and visually stunning woods found worldwide.
“ElementalHardwoods.com was designed as a resource for anyone with a deep appreciation of exotic hardwoods or a fascination with the world’s most beautiful wood products,” says John McGlocklin, Elemental Hardwood’s owner and founder. “In addition to flooring, it’s also about increasing the awareness of relatively rare wood species that either rival or surpass the durability, stability, denseness and magnificence of most domestic woods. We’re talking about true showpieces or works of art that often become the center piece or main attraction of many homes or commercial locations. Of course, there will always be more to add and we’re extremely open to customer feedback or even answering ongoing industry questions.”
Elemental Hardwoods’ line of exotic flooring products currently includes 30 unique wood flooring species originating from regions like the Amazon River Basin, South American Chaco Forest, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. Included within the descriptions are details highlighting each wood’s hardness, strength, stiffness, density and color palate. Additional sections and the Blog are also dedicated to hardwood flooring, installation techniques, care, maintenance and global sustainability practices and efforts.
Furthermore, many of the unique exotic hardwoods offered by Elemental Hardwoods represent true non-repetitive, real-wood wood species not found elsewhere in today’s flooring marketplace. Examples include species like Black Mesquite, a beautiful, hard to source wood known for its extreme stability, durability, distinctive character and chocolate and gray-brown grain patterns; Kempas, an orange-red to cinnamon-brown heartwood with subtle beige-bronze undertones; and Canarywood or Tarara Amarilla, which is becoming increasingly popular for its blend of reds, oranges and purples on a strongly grain-figured base of golden brown.
For more information on Elemental Hardwood’s complete line of exotic hardwood flooring products or to learn more about rare tropical wood species in general please visit www.elementalhardwoods.com, email info@elementalhardwoods.com  or call 504-756-8876.
Elemental Hardwoods was founded in 2000 to provide flooring specialists, distributors and their customers with an exotic mix of beautiful, imported hardwoods, some of which are not available anywhere else in the country. The company’s extensive knowledge of the marketplace combines decades of experience immersed in the Amazon River Basin with a passion for the wood, people and Amazonian cultures with a strong ethos of long-term forest and community sustainability.

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January 26th, 2023
The 13th Annual Hybrid Summit will be held on January 26th, 2023 Noon to 4 PM EST.

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