Electric Table: The Beginning of Life Automation

Every employee wishes for a comfortable table. The issue is that finding the ideal classic table is a difficult task. Here is where the electric adjustable table comes in handy. 
Adjustable tables have become indispensable office and home furnishings. They will not only provide you with comfortable working conditions but also help you improve your health. At the moment, there are models to suit every taste and budget. On the progressivedesk.com website, you can become acquainted with the major desk modifications and select the appropriate solution for your needs. 

What Is an Electric Table? 

An electric table is a convenient alternative to traditional workstations. It allows you to adjust the height with a single push of a button to achieve a comfortable sitting or standing position. 

Are Electric Desks Worth It? 

How do you know if you need this table? Before purchasing an electric workstation, you should first consider its intended use. These desks are appropriate for: 

  • Copywriters 
  • Coworking specialists 
  • Developers
  • IT professionals
  • SEO experts
  • Site administrators
  • SMM experts
  • Webmasters

What are the Benefits of Electric Desks? 

A height-adjustable desk was developed to prevent potential spine diseases. People spend the majority of their time at work sitting, which can lead to scoliosis or other back-related diseases. 
The desk’s ability to move enables people to deal with the problem by changing sitting and standing positions. Here are some of the main reasons to purchase such a workstation: 

1. Correct Posture 

This table allows you to adjust the height so that your spine is not constantly tense and remains in the proper position. This feature allows you to keep your back flat while also preventing neck and back pain. 

2. Improved Productivity 

It has been demonstrated that such tables increase employee productivity throughout the working day by approximately 30%. It is an average rate that can be higher. Many people who have already tried the technology claim that the electric office table improves overall health, and mood, and allows you to choose not only static but also dynamic poses for work. 

3. Flexibility 

An electric table is characterized by a high level of flexibility. It is easy to manage. On average, the tabletop reaches the needed position in a maximum of 20 seconds. 
The advantage is that you can adjust it to any height, and you do not even have to put in any extra effort. For improved control, it is best to choose a workstation with a control panel that allows you to set up the height by pressing a button. 

4. Smart Work Area 

People with hectic schedules understand the importance of every minute. That is why they seek modern solutions that save time. 
An electric height-adjustable desk can be integrated into a smart home or office system and controlled via a smartphone. As a result, after leaving your house for work, you will be able to prepare your workspace well in advance of your arrival. 

5. Obesity Prevention 

A sedentary lifestyle may lead to weight gain over time. Excessive weight gain is not healthy at all. Obesity is linked to a variety of health issues, including: 

  • Osteoarthritis 
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Gout
  • Kidney stones
  • High blood pressure, etc. 

Buying an electric height-adjustable table is the best way to protect yourself from all these risks. 

6. Blood Sugar Control 

People with diabetes are frequently asked to walk or move after eating. However, it is impossible when you are at work and need to complete urgent tasks. 
The research shows that sugar levels rise when you sit for an extended period. And standing and moving for a while helps to control your blood sugar, lowering it by nearly 40%. 

7. Cardiovascular Disorders 

In addition to relieving back and body pains, a height-adjustable table can help with cardiovascular diseases. Prolonged sitting can lower a person's risk of developing heart problems. Standing desks improve blood circulation, distribute the load evenly across all organs, and allow your body to function normally. 
A standing desk is a great investment. Most models on the market allow you to provide decent working conditions even in the smallest workspaces. Furthermore, if desired, you can order a workstation based on your preferences and place several monitors on its tabletop, allowing you to achieve better results and satisfaction with automation technology. 

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