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Eco-friendly Materials for Green Home Construction

Eco-friendly Materials for Green Home Construction

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Over the past years, we have witnessed an increase in the demand for eco-friendly materials for green home construction. The new, sustainable way of living has even become a global trend. We change our diet and other lifestyle habits to healthier ones, so why not change the place we live in, to a green one? It’s beneficial to us, our family and their health as well as the whole planet generally. It’s high time we started thinking about preserving our planet and its resources as we only have one planet. There are plenty of eco-friendly materials as well as recycled ones we can use.  They enable us to build a sustainable home that’s at the same time green, healthy, modern and stylish. [Text Wrapping Break] 
Eco-friendly and recycled materials 
We should all strive to make and keep our home green, starting with the building materials. There are some natural, eco-friendly materials we can use as well as some recycled ones. When it comes to natural materials you can use in green home construction, we can single out bamboo, cork, stone, straw bale, adobe brick, cordwood and Earth bags. And there are also some recycled building materials such as Earth-packed tires, upcycled plastic and steel rods, among others.  
People have used bamboo as a construction material for centuries. It’s highly popular due to its sustainability as well as its unique design. It gives something bohemian to a building. Using bamboo is a great way to make your home stand out. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable plants on the planet as it’s growing super-fast. It is strong, durable and lightweight. Perhaps you didn’t know, but bamboo has greater tensile strength than steel. It can also endure compression better than concrete. As it’s hollow, it’s quite lightweight, making transport cheap. However, when it comes to home insurance, insurance rates are higher due to fire concerns. 
One of the most sustainable ways to insulate your home is by using cork. It’s been used for years now, but its popularity is still growing. Cork consists of 50% of air, which makes it one of the lightest solid materials in the world. As we already mentioned, cork is one of the best thermal insulators you can use when building your home. Also, it is mold-resistant, which is essential when it comes to the health of your family. You spend one-third of the day at work and your kids the same at the childcare center. That means that you and your family spend two-thirds of the day at home. So, you get the point – you should make sure that the air you all breathe in your home is clean and fresh rather than damp and moldy. 
A bundling constructed out of stone means it’s cheap to maintain and also eco-friendly. What’s more, you can even recycle the stone leftovers and use them in countertops, tile and stone paths. So, nothing is wasted. Stone occurs naturally in nature, so you don’t need any additional resources to make it. Because of that, it doesn’t emit any harmful toxins inside your home as well. A stone structure is easier to insure. Moreover, you can save a lot of money on painting and finishing it as it’s beautiful by itself. Its durable and upkeep costs are low. 
Straw bale 
Next on the list is straw bale. It is used as a wall foundation. However, it’s a bit more difficult to insure such a home – not all home insurance companies will do that. It is expected, though, that there will be more such companies in the future. When you build a straw bale home, it is completed with plaster most often. Some studies even suggest that homes built from the straw bale in combination with plaster are more fire-resistant than traditionally built homes. It’s both affordable and sustainable, although there are pest threats as well as potential allergens.  
Adobe brick 
Adobe brick is an ancient eco-friendly construction material that still has its use today. It is made of clay and straw and as such, it is a great option for home insulation. It is able to keep the temperatures inside your home consistent. Adobe as a material is considered non-combustible, meaning it’s easy for insurance. Other benefits include low sound transmission, which implies that any outside, as well as inside noise, is neutralized, making it a great place for living. It’s a key component if you’re considering selling your home sometime in the future. Due to their specific origin and looks, they provide us with a unique home design.  
Cordwood is typically used in building cottages, but its use has recently transferred to building homes as well. It’s used together with a mortar mix to provide insulation. However, you should be careful and obtain all the necessary permits when building such a home. Moreover, it’s low cost and easy to build. It can also be a great insulator if done right. 
Earth bags 
Earth bags are also known as sandbags. As their name suggests, they are bags mostly filled with earth and then piled on top of each other. The building process is similar to bricklaying. Such homes typically start from the trench and are built from there. They are usually finished off with plaster such as adobe or stucco. However, it is still difficult to get insurance for earth bag homes, as they are considered alternative buildings.  
Recycled building materials 
When it comes to recycled building materials, there are quite a few alternatives. Some of the best recycled materials you can use for building a green home include earth-packed tires, used for insulation. Then, we can use upcycled plastic, which is a great way to save our environment as well as steel rods. Such rods are used for reinforcing structures during construction. It is one of the most recycled materials, making it easily accessible. 
Building a green home is not only a global trend. It’s also a new, green and healthy way of living.  


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