Earthcam 4D Changes Virtual Design & Construction

Earthcam is the leading provider of webcam technology and services in the world. Technology from Earthcam has allowed us to stream live pictures of cities, beaches, landmarks, and sunrises. Earthcam’s groundbreaking technology has a wide variety of applications and has even been used to enable real-time interaction in live dealer games on online casinos in the entertainment business. 
Earthcam has now introduced 4D to augment Bentley Systems’ SYNCHRO 4D models in empowering construction design teams to sync live imagery with projects. Users of the technology can scroll backwards and forwards, viewing live images in relation to their 4D construction models. 
With the addition of Earthcam, Bentley Systems’ wish of seeing the past, present, and future of construction projects is fulfilled. Innovative opacity and model colour adjustments allow fresh and powerful ways to compare models with actual imagery.
Construction design teams no longer require more than one software interface or many stored image sources to access comparative information. Like live dealer games, comparing and contrasting is done in real-time. Job site images are twinned with the construction models, a brand-new technological solution credited to Earthcam 4D.    
The software used byEarthCam 4D is reported as the first solution that fully synchronizes time-sequenced images to 4D planning models - stakeholders no longer need multiple software interfaces and different stored image sources to access this critical comparative information.  
The Earhcam and Bentley relationship simplifies visual communication of the project status for all involved. Construction digital twinning is brought to life because it is now easy to compare what is happening on the job site with what was planned virtually using a web viewer. 
Those working on the construction project can now identify any issues while checking on progress and keep it within the budget. It is also easier to deliver construction projects on time. 
The Earthcam 4D technology is of great value to project leaders who can now see the future of the construction job and adequately prepare and implement any needed changes. Not to mention working hours saved on looking for data and project information, pegged at 13% by research companies. Project management has been simplified for millions of SYNCHRO users worldwide.  
Earthcam 4D gives Bentley’s SYNCHRO system great hi-resolution images from various angles on the job site, which are overlaid with precision on the construction models. Unmistakable evidence of every window installation and beam laying is immediately available with syncing. 
The Earthcam 4D is a great tool that will allow construction companies to communicate project status and schedules to their clients quicker and more reliably. It has been welcomed by most project designers and managers in the industry. The Earthcam 4D is already changing virtual design and construction for the better.  

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January 26th, 2023
The 13th Annual Hybrid Summit will be held on January 26th, 2023 Noon to 4 PM EST.

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