Constructing Dreams: From Vision to Structure

Introduction:  The construction industry is a vibrant sector where aspirations are transformed into tangible realities, where visions materialize into physical structures that shape our world. Every remarkable building or infrastructure project is the result of a complex process involving planning, design, and execution. Key stakeholders in this process include architects, engineers, contractors, and an essential […]

Materials and an aging workforce: Inflation’s impact on construction

Over the past 24 months, inflation has heavily impacted the construction industry. One contributing factor to the issue is that construction firms that locked in pricing through guaranteed maximum price contracts are now grappling with rising material costs. Having to pay out of their pocket, firms’ already thin profit margins are becoming strained. Even more, […]

JLL Work Dynamics in the U.S. enhances focus to industry specialization

JLL is aligning its Work Dynamics U.S. organization with industry specialization, bringing together expertise around common industry processes, technologies, regulations and sustainability ambitions. Organizations today face unprecedented and complex challenges that impact industries differently, including cost management, portfolio optimization, sustainability and talent attraction and retention — JLL’s new structure addresses these needs head-on. JLL has seen […]

CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship Boosts Social Change with $550,000 Grant

Cal State Fullerton’s Center for Entrepreneurship supports Orange County businesses and aspiring business owners by offering educational programs, consulting services and resources to CSUF students and community members interested in social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship involves business leaders, known as “social innovators,” attempting to solve challenges related to systemic social and environmental issues. The center recently […]

Groundbreaking non-profit tech bootcamp Operation Spark expands to Atlanta: free Prep Courses Jan. 30 and Feb. 27

A groundbreaking non-profit tech ‘bootcamp’, Operation Spark, is expanding to Atlanta, announced Chief Executive Officer John Fraboni.  With nearly 300 graduates working in high-wage jobs at over 100 companies worldwide, Operation Spark has effectively changed the trajectory of workforce development for the software industry in Louisiana. “Our success in Louisiana, a state with multiple economic […]