Caravan Bathroom Design Guide: Top Tips

Having a well-planned and functional caravan washroom can significantly enhance your travelling experience. Whether you’re a seasoned caravanner or a newbie, this guide provides insightful tips on designing caravan showers and bathrooms. Let’s explore! How to Design the Perfect Caravan Bathroom Designing a caravan bathroom is about marrying form and function in a compact space. […]

Eco-Friendly Ways That You Can Save Money For Your Business This Summer

Summer brings warm weather and increased energy consumption for businesses. Higher energy bills can put a strain on your company’s finances, especially given that energy prices have been going up. However, with some smart planning and cost-effective strategies, you can save money and keep your business running efficiently during the summer months. In this article, […]

Redecorate Your Toilet Area With These Effective Equipment

Do you sometimes stare into your toilet area and feel a sense of drabness? Even if it’s clean and tidy, the atmosphere can seem boring at times. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore! By introducing some effective equipment, you can easily transform your toilet area into an energizing space that exudes style and […]

Niagara Introduces New Lines of Modern Sinks to Complement Pro Product Collections

Niagara®, the leader in high-performance, water-saving toilets today announced the addition of two new lines of modern sinks that will complement its award-winning Liberty and Shadow toilet lines – part of the brand’s Pro product suites. Both collections are dedicated to the traditional wholesale channel and designed specifically with features and benefits for builders, remodelers and plumbing […]

How Greenwashing Can Affect the Building Industry

How often is it that we hear a company has “gone green”? No longer taking paper invoices, they have digitized everything and managed to make their products environmentally friendly in one way or another. Recently, there has been a lot of climate change news hyper-focused on low levels of water in Lake Mead and the […]

Niagara Unveils Phantom One Piece Toilet Created with Perfect Mix of Advanced Technology, Powerful Performance, Water Efficiency and Modern Design

Niagara®, the leader in high-performance, high-technology, water-saving toilets, introduced its new Phantom One Piece toilet today at the 2023 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS). The new Phantom is a fresh blend of design and award-winning technology, offering industry leading performance and water efficiency that will help customers reduce water consumption and alleviate high utility bills. KBIS attendees […]