Using Tech to Own the Bonding and Bidding Process

By Wayne Nunziata, President, Colonial Surety Company On the heels of a difficult 2021 in which nonresidential construction segment spending observed the largest ever year-over-year decline, public works contractors have cause for optimism, especially when factoring in President Biden signing the Inflation Reduction Act that includes $60 billion for clean energy manufacturing and the $1 […]

How to hire a Construction Accident Lawyer?

Construction accident lawyers handle all legal issues of accidents in the construction areas and recover possible damages for the victim. They help injured employees claim medical, accidental, or construction site safety insurance. So, choosing a proper construction accident lawyer is necessary when you or a fellow employee face an accident in this risky field of […]

Rigor is Required to Mitigate Risk as Supply and Labor Shortages Continue to Plague Construction

Photo Courtesy: Ball Janik LLP It is common knowledge that Oregon, and the rest of the nation, have been experiencing extreme market difficulties with supply chains and labor shortages as a direct aftermath of COVID-19. Material availability, cost escalations, supply chain disruptions, access to labor, and inflation have impacted many areas, including construction. There are […]

Keeping the Warehouse Floor Clean: Top Do’s & Don’ts

Image Source Maintenance is indispensable in ensuring work safety in a warehouse. Working in a hazardous environment will indirectly affect workers and the revenue generation of the business. For this reason, you have to keep your warehouse floor clean to attract more customers. Do you know the dos and don’ts of keeping a warehouse floor […]

Tips for Construction Project Risk Management Plan

The Importance of Risk Management for Construction Companies  Construction companies often find risk management to be particularly challenging. The construction industry comes with multiple risks, especially when contractors are working on years-long projects. To create an effective risk management plan, you must consider risk factors that could arise before, during, and following the project. However, it […]

Foreign Investor Due Diligence For Secure Investments

The due diligence process is an ongoing process of verification in most industries and it is carried out at various levels of customer identification. The process is being implemented in different sectors with improved results in preventing crimes and scams. The new platforms that previously never existed in the old times, such as cryptocurrencies and […]