Four Benefits of Buying Vape Juice Online

Just as water is necessary for life, vape juice is crucial to vapers. Because of how important it is, vapers go to great lengths to obtain their preferred flavors. However, there are many methods to buy it. Some people visit stores to make purchases, and some ask acquaintances to obtain it for them. Others make […]

Your Store Layout Can Affect Consumer Behavior – Here’s How

Have you ever noticed how certain stores lay out their items in a way that encourages you to purchase more? It’s no coincidence! Store layout can be an extremely powerful tool when it comes to influencing consumer behavior. This article will discuss the basics of store layout and how it can influence shoppers. It’ll also […]

Walmart’s new store design focuses on clothing, home

Walmart is adding several national brands and debuting a new store design in an effort to sell more higher-margin items and will expand the redesign to 30 additional locations this year. The store design focuses on boosting home and apparel items. CNBC