Renovating Church Interiors: The Latest Construction Standards

Many churches have been standing for centuries and remain some of the best architectural wonders. But nothing stays forever, and that applies to structures of any kind. Inside old churches, you’ll find cracks, chipping, and other flaws in aging interiors. Renovations or remodeling are inevitable. Since churches are unique, architects and builders must follow specific […]

General Air and Cortec Harness Patented VpCI® Technology for Fire Sprinkler Corrosion Mitigation

General Air Products has partnered with Cortec® Corporation to develop a Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor delivery system for corrosion mitigation of fire sprinkler systems. General Air Products calls this new Vapor Pipe Shield “A game-changing innovation in corrosion prevention technology for dry [and] pre-action fire sprinkler systems.” Cortec® is excited about the opportunity it opens […]