4 Causes of Construction Site Accidents and How to Prevent Them

There are four main causes of construction site accidents, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration refers to them as the “Fatal Four” because they can be deadly. Falls, electrocutions, struck-by accidents, and caught-in-or-between incidents make up most of the accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities on construction sites. Categorizing accidents helps employers identify and […]

Common OSHA Violations – What We Need to Know

Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or what is commonly known as OSHA, is a federal agency responsible for monitoring workplace safety.  This organization enforces safety protocols and levies citations and fines for violating companies of the industry’s safety requirements.   However, OSHA violations happen when the company or even the employee ignores real and potential safety […]

Why Are Prescription Safety Glasses Important in the Workplace?

Workplace safety is a paramount concern in all nations across the world. In the US, the Department of Labor Administers enforces laws aimed at ensuring workers are safe at their places of work. The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) is a critical legal act that states the guidelines on employee safety and health. Safety at the […]

4 Major Infrastructure Aspect Of Every Construction Project

Construction projects are an integral part of life for many of us. Whether it is a large-scale commercial project or a small DIY renovation, the process of constructing something new or renovating something old can be incredibly rewarding – both in terms of the results and the satisfaction that comes from completing a job well […]