Modular Commercial Buildings: Embracing the Future of Construction

Modular building isn’t a new concept, but it has only recently begun to surge in popularity among commercial construction projects. As inflation, labor shortages and supply chain constraints become more significant problems, more contractors are switching to modular building. What makes this unique construction method so effective for commercial projects? What are the benefits? How […]

5 Trends Shaping The Construction Industry In 2023

The construction industry is booming worldwide, and experts predict that this growth will continue well into the future. “These improvements are important because they will help to drive innovation and growth within the construction industry. Moreover, they will help to address some of the challenges that the industry currently faces, such as worker shortages and […]

Apartment Pods that Stack into Apt Buildings?

Cassette introduces stackable apartment pods that assemble into full apartment buildings in half the time of a typical construction project. Pop-up showroom opens for tours. Pod peek launch event. Woman-owned Cassette launches its first product line in collaboration with California modernist design luminaries, Hodgetts + Fung. A new approach to modular construction, Cassette’s business model is inspired by great process-oriented brands that […]

CCCT with Raghi Iyengar from ViZZ Technologies

CCCT Video with Raghi Iyengar from ViZZ Technologies Video     CCCT sat down with Raghi Iyengar, Founder & CEO of Manufacton by ViZZ Technologies that is a leading the transformation to industrialized construction. Manufacton’s cloud-based software helps manage construction materials, off-site production and on-site installation. Whether you are a modular builder, trade contractor, general […]