4 Types Of Heavy Equipment Accidents

Heavy machinery is used in many vital construction industry sectors to carry out activities impractical for one worker to handle alone. Many workplaces depend on devices that generate enormous force, such as bulldozers, trucks, cranes, and forklifts. Workers using these machines risk serious accidents even though good training and attention to safety protocols can help […]

5 Causes Of Pedestrian Injuries In A Construction Site

Construction sites are vibrant centers of operation, with frequent movement of heavy machinery, equipment, and materials. Despite the utmost importance placed on the safety of on-site personnel, it’s equally vital to consider the safety of pedestrians who could be in the vicinity. Sadly, pedestrian injuries in construction sites occur frequently – this pushes construction firms […]

The 5 Things That Every Construction Business Must Have

After a thorough process of research and reading, here is a summary of the top business aspects that every construction enterprise must have. If your business is in the construction and building sector, then you simply won’t be able to succeed without the following. Labor There may be a great many professions and industries that […]

Putting Safety First: Essential Medical Supplies For Contractors

Construction sites are among the most dangerous workplaces. You’re usually working at heights and exposed to various hazardous elements, including heavy loads, huge and dangerous machinery, and harmful chemicals like asbestos. That’s why the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 requires all companies to have adequate medical supplies and trained personnel to ensure employees and […]

Renovating for Safety: Maintaining Workplace Safety Standards in an Active Construction Site

Maintaining workplace safety is up on the list of top priorities for business owners. It’s easy to accomplish this when workers have gotten acclimated to the environment and detailed guidance is available.  But upholding workplace safety standards sometimes gets tricky, especially when your business is undergoing renovations. Creating safety guidelines and systems in the ever-changing […]

U.S. is sitting on a gold mine of excess heat

According to new data from multi-national engineering group, Danfoss, excess heat is the world’s largest untapped source of energy and yet little of its potential is being utilized, especially in the United States.Astrid Mozes, President, Regions, for Danfoss says the US is “sitting on a gold mine of excess heat” and that “policy makers must push for more efficient use […]