Sherwin-Williams Highlights 150 Years of Coatings Expertise and Technology Innovation at 2023 ISA International Sign Expo

Sherwin-Williams General Industrial, a leader in the sign coatings industry, will showcase 150 years of coatings expertise and service at the 2023 ISA International Sign Expo, happening in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 12-14. The Company will exhibit a variety of innovative products and processes, including the Lustral Translucent system and GENESIS® mix bank. Attendees are also invited to stop by the Sherwin-Williams booth throughout the show […]


Everest Systems, an industry leader in the manufacture of innovative roof coatings and sealants, is pleased to announce David Weiser as its new Marketing Specialist. David is a graduate from the University of Houston with six years of marketing experience in the financial services and RV industries. Throughout his career, David has developed written content, […]

Plenum Box: 5 Things You Wish to Know Earlier

HVAC systems have the potential to offer sufficient airflow throughout a property or building, provided they are allowed to work effectively and efficiently at high temperatures. And this is where a plenum box comes in. The plenum in your HVAC system is significant for the effective function of your heating and cooling system. Located on […]

How To Take Better Care Of Your Roof

Every homeowner knows how important it is to take care of their roof. After all, the roof protects your home and its contents from the elements of nature like wind, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. But did you know that with a few simple steps, you can actually extend the life span of your roof? […]

How To Finish Up The Exterior Of A House

Making the exterior of your house look beautiful and well-maintained can help to increase its curb appeal, as well as make it a more pleasant place to live. But when you don’t know where to start, investing in home improvement projects that involve finishing up your home’s exterior can seem daunting. Fortunately, there is now […]

What Wastewater Lining System is Best?

Keeping wastewater contained in treatment facilities can be challenging due to the various chemicals that deteriorate tank and lagoon coatings. Selecting the best wastewater lining system is essential to preventing contamination of nearby areas from leakage. Numerous coating options are available, but a few types, such as polyurea (PU) and epoxy, are more commonly used […]