Equine Ministry Constructs Welcome Center for Volunteer

H.U.G.S. Ranch has more good news to share with parents of children served by the non-profit focused on providing equine-assisted learning opportunities. The 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is announcing the construction of a “Welcome Center” to be built in honor of long-time volunteer Scott Taylor, who passed away in 2022. Lumbermen’s, Inc., Scott’s employer, has made the lead […]

Polycarbonate in Construction: Why Use It?

Polycarbonate, a versatile and durable thermoplastic material, has gained significant popularity in the construction industry for various applications. Its unique properties make it a preferred choice for architects and builders. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why polycarbonate is widely used in construction. Lightweight Yet Strong One of the key advantages of polycarbonate in […]

Sto GPS Board Rigid Insulation & StoTherm® ci GPS Wall System

Sto Corp., the market leader in innovative exterior wall systems, has announced the introduction of Sto GPS Board, a graphite-enhanced, 100% closed-cell expanded polystyrene insulation board that can be used in a variety of applications, including the new StoTherm® ci GPS wall system, and improved StoTherm ci MVES and StoPowerwall® ci systems. Compared with other […]


Contest awards 12 dogs and their owners with $1,000 and feature in a 2024 calendar  Raise the woof! TRI-BUILT™, Beacon’s private label brand, announced today the launch of its annual TRI-BUILT Top Dogs calendar contest, which offers pet parents the opportunity to win $1,000 and have their pup’s photo featured in a print calendar. The 2024 edition […]

Georgia-Pacific Building Products Introduces New Coverboard Durability Video and eBook

With a significant climb in the average number of billion-dollar disasters over the last 40 years, proper preparation for severe storms is taking a front seat with architects and contractors alike; in order to assist both key audiences, Georgia-Pacific Building Products has introduced two pieces of valuable information: the final video installment in the “Four […]

Nova USA Wood Products Adds Reclaimed Tropical Hardwoods to Real Wood Solutions Product Line

Nova USA Wood Products has enhanced its premium line of Real Wood Solutions and accessories with the addition of reclaimed tropical hardwoods products. The descendants of European marine projects, all of Nova USA’s reclaimed tropical hardwoods are 100% FSC certified and available for the building of outdoor projects ranging from large construction applications to beams, […]