How Can Construction Companies Build Social Media Buzz?

Social media has become an essential tool for businesses that are looking to connect with customers, gain useful insights, and promote their brands. Construction companies are no exception to this, and social media is as important for them as it is for other brands. In fact, with the right strategy, construction companies can use social […]

Community Center Construction And Maintenance: 8 Things To Consider

Imagine a place where laughter, learning, and connection fill the air—a vibrant hub that unites a diverse community and creates a sense of belonging. It’s the potential of a well-planned and well-maintained community center. Constructing such a center requires thoughtful consideration of various factors, from purpose and design to funding and maintenance.   This article will […]

Holcim completes acquisition of Duro-Last Roofing Systems

Leading roofing systems company with net sales of USD 540 million in highly profitable North America roofing market ●        Highly regarded brand recognized for leadership in innovation and sustainability ●        Holcim roofing systems will exceed USD 4 billion in net sales ahead of schedule Holcim completed the acquisition of Duro-Last, a US leader in commercial roofing systems, […]

The Path to Becoming a Qualified Roofer

New South Wales made more than 2500 dwelling approvals in January 2023. Although the figures indicate a decline in construction activity from the previous month, it is evidence that the building and construction industry is vibrant.  Interestingly, the Sydney metro accounts for most of the dwelling approvals (for private and non-residential buildings), meaning that the […]