7 Things To Do Right Away After A Car Accident

Car accidents are unfortunate yet common occurrences on the roads. These unexpected events may cause physical, emotional, and financial damage. And while everyone hopes to avoid them, should it happen, it’s critical to know the proper steps to take. Knowing what to do right after a car crash ensures that everyone involved is safe. This […]

Common OSHA Violations – What We Need to Know

Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or what is commonly known as OSHA, is a federal agency responsible for monitoring workplace safety.  This organization enforces safety protocols and levies citations and fines for violating companies of the industry’s safety requirements.   However, OSHA violations happen when the company or even the employee ignores real and potential safety […]

The Top Causes of Wrongful Death in Construction Accidents

Accidents involving construction sites are one of the most tragic events that can occur in an industrial setting. Not only do these accidents create a danger for workers and the public, but they can also lead to wrongful death due to negligence or reckless behavior from either involved party. It is heartbreaking to think of […]

Slip And Fall Injuries In Construction: Injuries And Recovery Options

Construction sites create a working environment with several hazards and risks that can cause accidents. Thus, observing all the necessary safety precautions is necessary to avoid such incidents. You can protect yourself by wearing protective gear your employer provides, such as helmets.   But, suppose you incur a slip and fall injury at a construction site; […]

5 Questions To Ask An Attorney For Your Construction Site Accident

Working in the construction industry can be challenging and risky. Workers are exposed to handling heavy machinery and dangerous equipment daily. They also work at great heights, which inherently increases the risk of accidents within the job site.    Because construction work is hazardous, lawyers are highly needed to help sort out legalities and associated claims. […]

How To Determine Fault In A Truck Accident

Many reasons can lead to a truck accident. Driver negligence, distracted driving, and poorly maintained trucks on the road, among others, are perhaps the primary considerations when finding fault in a truck accident.  However, proving liability in a truck accident is no mean feat. The police report can only focus on traffic law violations, such […]