Best Architect Design Software in 2023

Architect design software is an essential tool for architects, builders, and design professionals. It offers advanced features and tools that enable users to create and design architectural structures, interiors, and landscapes. With the advent of technology, architect design software has become increasingly vital in the modern world of architecture. The software has several benefits, including […]

Top 4 Benefits of Using 3D Software For Earthwork Take-offs

If you’re looking for a more efficient and accurate way to calculate the amount of earthwork needed for construction projects, you’ve come to the right place. Your answer might lie in 3D software. 3D software is one of the most reliable ways to predict and measure how much material needs to be moved during a […]

Trends in house’s remodeling

It’s time to do some changes in the look of your house? Do you want it to look fashionable and not only be stable and durable for the upcoming years? Today you can find plenty of options on how to make your house attractive without sacrificing its functionality. And here we will cover some important […]

Construction Technology Trends To Consider In 2023

A deadly virus took the world by storm almost three years ago, resulting in a global shutdown that impacted everyday life, the economy, and the business landscape. While some industries transitioned and excelled, others, like construction, struggled to weather the storm. Federal and local mandates prohibited or limited many in the domestic sector from securing […]

Planner 5D: Interest in Using AI for Interior Design Modeling Surges by 49%

Planner 5D, a global e-design platform, reports record growth in the usage of AI-enabled features. In 2022, 156,000 projects were created with the usage of AI Plan Recognition, compared to 105,000 in 2021, totaling a 49% increase. This is the record number for the company’s more than 10 years of operations. AI Plan Recognition allows […]

5 Technology and Engineering Trends for 2022

With scientists and engineers constantly striving to develop solutions for humankind’s problems, there are a plethora of exciting developments in the tech and engineering world that are making their way into the public eye.  From 3D-printed homes to brain-computer interfaces and efficient alternatives to traditional heating, 2022 has heralded the arrival and adoption of a […]