Detectable Warning Systems (DWS) developed the original RediMat in 1994 as the forebearer of their complete line of ADA compliant tactile warning products for visually impaired pedestrians. Now a part of the proprietary product family of Mar-Bal, Inc. (Mar-Bal: Chagrin Falls, OH), DWS has advanced the innovative, flexible RediMat’s to include mesh reinforcement for added strength and increased durability. This ‘next-level’ addition of adding engineered mesh strengthens its advanced properties ensuring a secure installation with longer-term durability.
Constructed of extremely durable, UV protected, mesh reinforced polyurethane material, the flexible RediMat is surface applied on a variety of surfaces (including both asphalt and concrete) and features a proprietary, pre- applied, peel-and-stick technology adhesive system. Notably, this flexible system goes down easily, installing in less than 5 minutes with no drilling required for traditional projects. Ultimately, the advanced RediMat cuts the installation time in half, reducing labor time and expense!
The glass reinforced polyurethane RediMat is also unbreakable as it will not chip, crack, or splinter. This material also conforms to uneven surfaces, making it ideal for numerous applications including: Parking Structures, Concrete Sidewalks, Asphalt Parking Areas, Garages, Transit Platforms, Apartment Communities, Shopping Centers, Curve Ramps, Radius Applications, among others.
RediMatPhysical Specifications Profile:
Complimenting DWS’ complete portfolio of ADA compliant products, RediMat’s proprietary formula is a flexible, UV protected, detectable warning system comprised of the following material specifications:
Dome Spacing: 2.35” Inline, 2.4” (CA 3 x 4) / Slip Resistance: .90 per ASTM C1028
Hardness: 90 (Shore A) / Taber Abrasion: - (1000gms/1000 cycles) 150mgs
Color: Integral Throughout / Color Options: Safety Yellow, Brick Red, Black, Dark Grey
Stain Resistance: No Significant Change
Sizes From: 2’ x 3’, 2’ x 4’, 2’ x 5’, 3’ x 2.5’, 3’ x 4’, 3’ x 5’ and 10’ radius wedge
RediMat is also available in a “wedge” shape, ideal for rounded intersections requiring a radius system. Directional bar mats are available as well and popular for applications along bike paths and train stations–directing pedestrians to the train itself.
RediMatAdvanced Installation Profile:
Engineered for both concrete and asphalt, RediMat’s proprietary, pre-applied, peel-and-stick, multi-surface adhesive system offers the easiest installation of any surface applied detectable warning mat in the industry. Simply remove the protective backing, peel-and-stick, then roll the mat to ensure a secure bond. From start-to- finish, this installation typically takes 5 minutes or less–saving costly man hours.
Notably, RediMat can be installed without stainless steel anchor screws in 5 minutes or less for most traditional installations (i.e.-sidewalks, parking structures, commercial properties, etc.). However, if screws are required for certain DOT specifications (or for challenged surfaces), it will still install in less than10 minutes. DWS will provide associated anchors and specified hole drilling for a minimal fee upon customer request.
According to Mike Keels, Mar-Bal’s RediMat Brand Manager, “The fact is, with or without anchors, no other associated product on the market has RediMat’s speed and ease-of-installation. It’s so easy now that contractors, apartment communities, and commercial properties can even install it themselves to be compliant to requirements.”
RediMat Advancements / Conclusion:
Combining its flexibility and ease-of-installation with the improved strength and durability via mesh reinforcement, makes DWS’ RediMat an excellent ‘next-level’ choice for use in high pedestrian traffic applications, harsh climates, and challenging installations.
Keels noted RediMat’s advanced engineering stating, “RediMats have been in use for years in major projects throughout the U.S. By adding mesh reinforcement to the mat, it not only provides better dimensional stability and strength, it reduces the potential for failure. In fact, even if it’s installed wrong (overtightened screws, butted up against each other, etc.) it eliminates that”.
Mar-Bal provides DWS with full-service, innovative, and economical detectable warning products addressing these needs in both the USA and abroad. Known as “The One-Source Solutions Provider”, privately held Mar- Bal has three state-of-the-art U.S. manufacturing facilities in Ohio, Virginia, and Missouri–producing everything entirely turn-key. DWS features quality products designed for durability, ease-of-installation, two warehouses, timely delivery, and unparalleled customer service.
Providers of one of the most complete lines of ADA compliant detectable warning surface products on the market, DWS offers composite, cast iron, and flexible materials for either cast-in-place or surface applied applications including the following brands:
For more information on Mar-Bal's line of DWS products please visit:
Or contact us at: (440) 543-7526
Corporate Profile: Detectable Warning Systems is part of the Mar-Bal, Inc. proprietary family of products. Headquartered in Chagrin Falls, OH, Mar-Bal, Inc. has been an innovative leader in the custom composite, molding and material manufacturing industry since its
customized parts and materials while through superior customer service and the Total Value Commitment. Mar-Bal, Inc.

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