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DECKED Unveils Pickup Truck Drawer System

DECKED Unveils Pickup Truck Drawer System

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DECKED, first introduced its award winning Drawer System to truck beds in 2014. Now it is proud to reveal its next-generation Drawer System and D-co Case protective case line. Nearly a
decade after transforming the disorganized chaos of truck beds from a hopeless abyss into an organize-able and accessible weatherproof, lockable, and extremely versatile storage area, DECKED engineers took the notes they’d gathered from selling to more than 250,000 customers and redesigned the all-new second-generation Drawer System from the ground up.

The DECKED Drawer System is made to fit all full- and mid-size trucks and cargo vans produced in the last twenty or so years. The Drawer System provides a solution to a problem that most truck owners face: the need to organize, easily access, and securely store essentials protected from the elements while maintaining uninhibited use of the truck bed’s footprint. The Drawer System creates a flat load floor in the bed — perfect for use as a sleeping platform or loading up heavy objects like ATVs, motorcycles, or construction materials. Below the deck, full-bed-length weatherproof drawers secure tools, recreational gear, rescue equipment, and any other essentials.

“After ten years of listening to the feedback from our most rigorous testers and critics, and constantly improving the products we were selling, it was time to scrap the old playbook and start over from scratch. That meant redesigning the product the way we knew it needed to be built,” said DECKED VP of Marketing, Greg Randolph. “This is a total redesign with new molds and tools as well as our very own in-house manufacturing. This is a huge leap forward for the customer and for DECKED.”

Second-Gen Drawer System

DECKED’s all-new Drawer System is offered in two distinct configurations: Full-size pickup trucks and cargo vans and mid-size trucks. For the first time, the mid-size Drawer System isn’t a scaled-down version of the full-size. The mid-size Drawer System is completely re-envisioned to better suit the use cases and limited bed space of modern mid-size trucks.

Both of these two new product line offerings address and solve concerns around wasted bed space, drawer usage and function, weatherproofing, and cargo management. The all-new products take an already successful problem-solving family of products and make them remarkably better. Additionally, new molding technology has improved impact resistance and durability by over 25%.

Full-size Truck Drawer Systems

Drawer Performance Improvements and Specs
Boasting the same hefty 2,000-lb payload capacity and 200-lb per drawer weight rating, the full-size Drawer System still weighs in at 200-220 lbs, depending on bed length. Focusing on drawer functionality, DECKED increased drawer extension, making reaching the back of an open drawer easy and practical. The drawer itself is noticeably larger at an 18-inch width with an updated square profile that increases volume by over 10% per drawer in a form factor more conducive to storing commonly shaped items.

Added Cargo Tie Downs
Addressing the complaint of the system covering bed tie downs, users will notice the addition of topside cargo tie downs integrated into the outbound edge of the deck of the system. Eight tie down locations (four per side) have been added with a D-ring tie down system, which lies flat and countersunk in the surface when not in use. These tie downs make a steel-to-steel connection with factory bed tie-downs for a 400-lb load rating. The Drawer System still utilizes factory bed tie-downs for a drill-free installation in nearly all fitments.

Greater Truck Bed Space Efficiency, Increased Storage
Also new and vastly improved is the removal of corner bins called Ammo Cans, which formerly connected the system to the truck bed and offered small additional storage compartments. In their place, users will find an uninhibited pass-through to the wheel well both fore and aft outbound of the drawers. This not only enables storage of longer items (camp chairs, anyone?) but also makes access to side-mounted electrical outlets without any modifications possible, reducing wasted space in the bed to literally just the center support beam. These passthroughs are covered from above by waterproof and lockable stash bin lids. DECKED also includes four removable Stash Bins that lock into these openings from above and can be used or not in any of the four corner locations.

Enhanced Weatherproofing
DECKED has always been clear that its drawers are not Tupperware-tight, but very effective at keeping the elements out. Designers increased protection from the outside environment by adding cabside and drawer-side panels that enclose the drawers in a protective shield as well redesigning the drawer face to better seal against the elements. These additions vastly reduce the amount of air that can swirl around in the bed and possibly deposit dust or other airborne particulate matter into drawers.

Mid-Size Truck Drawer Systems

Complete Redesign
Seeking to maximize storage capacity and eliminate wasted space in the bed, DECKED created one “Super Drawer” to replace the two asymmetrical drawers previously offered. Reducing the system payload requirement from 2,000 lbs to 1,000 lbs more accurately reflects the use cases and capacities of modern mid-size trucks. It also enabled engineers to create the single Super Drawer with a 400-lb payload rating. Super Drawer spans from wheel well to wheel well and runs the full length of the bed. With 30% more drawer storage capacity than previous versions, mid-size customers will now have more than enough space for their tools, camping gear, or bug-out essentials. This drawer can also be reconfigured into a big sliding tray by removing the drawer sides for better access and storage customization with DECKED’s line of D-co Cases. Improvements in drawer extension were also realized with a 3.0-inch extension gain in 5.0-foot beds and 8.0 inches in 6.0-foot beds, leaving a scant 14 inches of the drawer supported under the deck when fully extended.

Maximized Efficiency
Similar to the full-size system, users will find that the Ammo Can corner bins have been deleted and in their place are two pass-throughs, one on each outbound side, reaching from the tailgate to the wheel well — and even beyond, in some fitments. Mid-size systems have two stash bin access ports, one on each side, which are also covered by a waterproof and lockable lid. Four Stash Bins come included for dropping into these locations as desired. On the cabside end, the system is fitted with two access ports that pop open to provide access to any space left unoccupied by the wheel wells outbound of the drawer.

Added Cargo Tie-Downs
The mid-size Drawer System features six burly 400-lb load-rated steel-to-steel bed tie-down locations atop the deck, three on either side. Just as in the full-size, cargo tie-downs are integrated into the outbound edge of the deck of the system using a D-ring tie down system. When not in use, these D-ring tie-downs lie flat, countersunk in the surface.

Enhanced Weatherproofing
Just as in the full-size update, increased protection from the outside environment has been realized by adding cabside and drawer-side closeout panels which wrap the drawers in a protective shield as well as a more effective drawer face seal against the elements. These additions vastly reduce the amount of air which can swirl around in the bed and possibly deposit dust or other airborne particulate matter into the drawer.

D-co Case Cargo Line
During the redesign of the Drawer System, DECKED, also redesigned its original storage box line and emerged with a system of better-together protective storage cases, known as D-co Cases.

The initial offering of six different form factors is constructed using a mineral reinforced polymer which may prove to be the most durable and rugged cases on the market (you can literally drive over them in your truck). Engineered as a waterproof and dustproof offering of cases to segment, store, transport, and easily stack all of one’s tools and gear, the D-co Case line is built with particular consideration to stand alone performance, in-drawer functionality, and a system-based way of thinking that DECKED calls the D-cosystem, creating a product nirvana where everything is designed to work better together.

Stable Stack™ is where the D-cosystem thinking stands out. Corresponding geometry between the bases and lids of the cases as well as a shared form factor enables the cases to be stacked in any configuration without the worry of them tipping over or sliding off one another at up to a 42-degree angle. The positive engagement also corresponds to Drawer Systems as cases can find their home in a space efficient manner maximizing storage customization.

The patent-pending Clutch Latch™ on the Sixer 16L, Halfrack 32L, and Hauler 80L allows one to open the case with one hand via a mechanism which accuates two latches by squeezing the latch to the handle, popping the case open. A waterproof seal is achieved by simply slamming the lid shut eliminating the common two-handed multi step latches found in most cases in this category.

The Minuteman 80L is a big do it all, party hog. Designed for safe transport for modern firearms, archery equipment, recovery gear, or a complete camp set up, this big waterproof vault is perfect for loading up and mounting to a roof rack, sliding in a drawer, strapping it to the deck, or hopping on an airplane. Featuring a unique Trigger Latch system, the Minuteman can be opened in the drawer and closes securely with a two stage locking process. A keyed lock and TSA certified lock hasps are included.

All cases come fitted with a Gore-vent to allow air to pass back and forth keeping the contents inside cozy and dry while being able to adapt to changes in air pressure.

Last but not least is the D-co Bin 32L, a rugged, durable replacement for the flimsy, sure-to-fail department store bin. Shaped to drop into the drawer, its price and limited feature set will make it a go-to for storing everything from camp kitchen items to spare hunting gear to your mother’s Christmas ornaments.

DECKED is also offering several bundled options they call “Stacks” which include multiple cases priced to offer value at purchase.

Drawer System Specs


  • 2,000-pound deck payload
  • Two 18-inch-wide, full bed-length drawers
  • 200-lb drawer payload (each)
  • 200-220-lb product weight
  • 15% increase in drawer extension
  • 10% increase in drawer volume
  • Eight built-in 400-lb-rated D-ring tie-downs
  • Steel2Steel mounting — tie-down to bracket to turnbuckle to bed. Cabside and drawer side closeouts increase weatherproofing
  • Outbound side storage and pass-through access to factory power outlets. Can be used with Stash Bin drop in organizers with waterproof and lockable Stash Bin lids
  • More divider locations, no clips needed, more betterer organization
  • Cabside and drawer side closeouts increase weatherproofing, banish dust intrusion


  • 1,000-lb deck payload
  • One 42-inch-wide Super Drawer
  • 400-lb payload capacity Super Drawer
  • 200-lb product weight
  • 30% increase in storage volume
  • 15% increased in drawer extension
  • Six built-in 400-lb-rated D-ring tie-downs
  • Steel2Steel mounting — tie-down to bracket to turnbuckle to bed. Integrated drawer bin provides weatherproof storage cubby
  • Outbound side storage and pass-through access to OE power outlets. Can be used with Stash Bin drop in organizers with waterproof and lockable Stash Bin lids
  • Cabside and drawer side closeouts increase weatherproofing, banish dust intrusion

Based in Ketchum, Idaho, with manufacturing facilities in Defiance, Ohio, and St. George, Utah, DECKED designs, engineers, and manufactures storage and organization products for
tradespeople, outdoor enthusiasts, and the gamut of folks looking to make their lives more organized and efficient. Since 2014, DECKED has been passionately dedicated to making working and recreating out of trucks and vans more efficient, safe, and convenient. To learn more visit


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